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Artist: Dead Guitars (@)
Title: Flags
Format: CD
Label: Echozone (@)
Distributor: Masterpiece
Rated: *****
One of most relevant surprise carried by a gust whirling from the evergreen alternative grounds is without any doubt the one by these waving Flags, proudly waven by Dead Guitars, a collaborative project whose bandilleros have already walked over the decuman gates of the walls surrounding those fields: almost 7 years have elapsed since Pete Brough, one of the founder of German band Twelve Drummers Drumming , and Ralf Aussem, the man behind the curtain of the successful band Sun, decided to share their musical experiences and knowledge with vocalist Carlo van Putten (from The Convent), giving birth to Dead Guitars (sorry for the pun!), which signed the highly appreciated Airplanes, an album which let them gain the prominent role as a support band for the widespread European tour of The Mission, with whom Dead Guitars began a prolific collaboration as three members of The Mission have collaborated and performed on DG's new album, Wayne Hussey in Isolation (one of the most catchy track of the whole album as well as a potential reply to Fool's Garden's rejection of isolation!), Mark Gemini Thwaite in the lovely and heartbreaking freedom chant Pristine and Richie Vernon on the melancholic Blue (whose recognizable electronic drums are going to be replaced by real drums on live stage... ) . The way this skilled foundation develops sound is really impressive and their renowned creative wit seems to strike an attitude if compared to Airplanes: guitar arrangements are maniacally cared while drums and the evocative vocals by Carlo van Putten and his astonishing jauntiness are sometimes the elements making the real difference. It's almost impossible to tell which track is better than others. They shows an unbelievable skill in diversifying their masks passing from up to mid-tempo, showing a terrificly unconstrained style, covering a range of emotional setting whose wideness a psychologist could diagnose just on the most serious case of cyclothymia ranging from the rage of Pristine and Miss America, the romanthicism-tinged On A Trip To Elsewhere, moody pieces like Lazy Moon (with an amazing distorted piano tones and a sort of weeping motif...), Silver Cross River (my personally favorite one... I was almost totally ravished and absorbed by this entrancing track...) and Raise Your Flags, the purity of style of the wise Slowdown and the heavenly choral Watercolours featuring the wonderful voices of a group of Dutch students attending G2a... You should listen to this album as a sort of spiritual experience to better appreciate it...

Immediate, emotional, powerfully melancholic... Maybe one of the most balanced mix of gothic, wave, progressive and melancholic moods we've heard among recent releases... Dead Guitars will surely play the chords of your soul. It's a must-have if you love to refresh your ears with cool breeze of psychedelically epic stuff! I definitively hope to see them perform somewhere!

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