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Artist: ATTRITION (@)
Title: Across The Divide / Heretic Angels
Format: CD
Label: Two Gods (@)
Distributor: Voiceprint
Rated: *****
Reissuing all the back catalog Attrition is now printing live albums. They are sold separately but being released on the same period I'm reviewing them together. Anyway... ACROSS THE DIVIDE is a live album of a concert held in Holland in 1984 during the Attrition/Legendary Pink Dots tour (the first Attrition tour outside UK) and it has never been released before. On this one Attrition were Martin Bowes, Julia Waller and Ashley Niblock and it contains tracks coming from "The attrition of reason" and "Voice of God" EP. It has been recorded directly from the mixer and even if the tapes were twenty five years old there's only a minor flaw during the opening "Pendulum turns". If you like minimal electronic wave with post industrial attitude this one is for you. HERETIC ANGELS, instead, have been released already for Trisol in 2000 but it have been unavailable for long time. It contains ten songs recorded in 1999 during the band's USA tour. Christine Reid replaced Julia Waller on vocals and that was the period when Attrition collaborated with Franck Dematteis (he played violins and viola and he came from the Paris Opera) at the "Jeopardy maze"/"Etude" albums. Here the sound see the caractheristic Martin/Christine vocal duets and the tracks turned from minimal electronics to dark electronics influenced by early e.b.m. The tracklisting have songs coming from "3 Arms And A Dead Cert" ("Prelude" and "Acid tongue"), "The Hidden Agenda" ("Lip sync", "Interference" and "The mercy machine"), "The Jeopardy Maze" ("Atomizer - custom mother"), 'A tricky business" ("A girl called harmony", "Right Hand Man" and "The second hand"), "The Eternity EP" ("I am eternity"). Both the CDs have a remastered sound and are representative of a different period and if you are a fan for sure you'd be interested...

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