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Title: Walk Amongst The Living
Format: CD
Label: A Different Drum (@)
Distributor: Alive
Rated: *****
After taking two years in the making, the latest Blue October UK album is out thanks always to A Different Drum. WALK AMONGST THE LIVING is a multifaceted album where the distinctive vocals of Ross Carter are well supported by the synthetic melodies created by his fellow band mates Glen Wisbey, Chris Taubert and Nic Johnston. The album has a balanced track list composed by thirteen songs which go from melancholic ballads (see "Let me see", "Tears of silvery rain") and introspective mid tempos ("City lights", "What's in your mind" or the closing "Beautiful skin") to upbeat synthpop dancey tracks (the great dark instrumental "Non compos mentis") and also some "rockish" ones (check the guitar based "All said and done" and "Spinning on the fullstop"). Great pop melodies and sensual atmospheres make of this album a must for the synthpop fans.

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