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Artist: Greifenkeil (@)
Title: Blood Mystery
Format: CD
Label: GrenTzwert Musiclabel (@)
Distributor: Alive
Rated: *****
Again sorry for another too late done review, but at least the heap here on my table shrinks a bit. Germany’s Dark Electro/Ambient art-project GREIFENKEIL returns with a new full-length album again signed and published to the Munich-based Grentzwert label. The resume in advance: also this new album requires the full attention of the listener, since the musically course once again draws influences of the darkest music styles electronic music can deliver. A. von Greifenkeil, the mastermind behind this project, has again created a sonic assault, which integrates the darkest Dark Electro, Dark Ambient and Powernoise impressions, at times all styles pressed into a single track ("Vendetta"). New and worth to mention is the fact, that A. von Greifenkeil is able to watch over genre boundaries, also the integration of guitar riffs ("Blood War") is nowadays an allowed stylistically element. If the chosen album-title may suggests a close dedication to some terror-EBM- or vampire-related content, GREIFENKEIL has never been and surely will never be thrown into this redundant field. "Blood Mystery" also hasn’t got anything to do with a normal biologically process, it rather offers a higher, but still mysterious and intellectual content. It’s a bit to keep the inner out, the might of blood seems to have a deeper meaning to A. von Greifenkeil, as he announced, that this will be only the starter for more excursion. Also the length of the main tracks – mostly provided with 8 + minutes playing time - are speaking for a rather artistically content, instead to follow a Mainstream-oriented "chorus-bridge-refrain" kind of work. GREIFENKEIL offers once again an amazing sound excursion, which even has the ability to touch a deeper part of your mind. It’s definitively more than a usual Hellectro act has to offer. A video edit of the audio content on the main title "Blood Mystery" accomplishes this album (watch out at Youtube for this act...), while some first live performances of this project have meanwhile occurred.

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