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Artist: FLUOR (@)
Title: The Pleasure Is Mine
Format: CD
Label: Imaginary Non Existent Records (@)
Distributor: Decoder Muzique
Rated: *****
Limited to 400 copies only, THE PLEASURE IS MINE is the Fluor debut album. Producer and musician (he produced Jaume Sisa, Gerard Quintana, Orquestra Fireluche and released many works as L´escolania De La Quadratura Del Cercle, Vladimir & Lumière as well as writing music for films, theater, performances, etc.) Xavi Lloses is also a casiotone collector. With Fluor, Xavi, plays 8bit dancey new wave songs using Casio, vintage games and low bit sampled sounds. You may think that other bands of the French old (Daft Punk) and new electro wave (Yelle, Digitalism or Boys Noize), musically already did this, well this could be the same thing when you say that The Beatles and Fugazi did the same music because they were both guitar bands. In this case if Daft Punk, Digitalism and Boyz Noize are more interested into the "dance effect" and Yelle are mostly a low bit pop sensation, Fluor sound a little more melancholic/decadent and here we have song structured tracks. Try the opening "Playgirl" or "Game boy" and you'll be questioning why this guy isn't on the MTV alternative chart because this album deserves it. Since there are only 400 copies available, hurry up. Check if this is your cup of tea at the myspace link you find above and, if the answer is yes, order your copy.

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