Music Reviews

Artist: Unit21 (@)
Title: November
Format: CD
Label: Lagunamuch (@)
Rated: *****
Unit21 is Stanislav Vdovin and November is an extension of previous releases on net label Thinner entitled "September-October." According to the info included on the insert "the tracks are built on looped micro samples from soviet vinyl records, home microphone recording, drum patterns and processed white noise". As you might expect this has a scratchy lo-fi feel about it in places, but it isn’t all about that. There are tracks that have little or no crackle to them at all. This is post-everything. Droney, noisy (but not overbearing), and, as you would expect from all the loops, very hypnotic. The pieces build layer upon layer creating a sense of expectation, or even creepy dread at times. I particularly like his use of white noise. There are beats here but they do not dominate. Maybe I should change the word beat to rhythm instead. You can hardly dance to it. Maybe twitch a little, but definitely not dance. The feeling here is cold, but not lifeless, like the difference between a winter day in November on Earth rather than on Mars.

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