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Artist: VNV NATION (@)
Title: Judgement
Format: CD
Label: Anachron Sounds/Metropolis-Records (@)
Distributor: Soulfood
This is for sure the most awaited and anticipated release of the year and I guess it’s not required to introduce this duo nearer. Since some of you readers out there may think it’s cool and funny to get some stuff heard several days before the official release date (which is in this case TODAY for Europe, at 10th of April available for North-America), let me tell you, that this is a promotional copy.

We at the Chain D.L.K. are maybe not in the position to start any new endless debates about the currently hard times with dropping sales near to zero for all participating bands and labels. Several labels – mostly the better known having some established artist in their roster – are seriously looking out to save costs and have switched their promotional efforts completely on a digital downloading procedure. Some others do press special promotional CD often under-toned with a voice telling you two times per track that "you’re listening to the XY album of ... (fill in artist)" – not fine at all, but at least you CAN get an impression of the album content. But this "new" idea of the VNV NATION release is the top of impertinence. I see the fact that some so-called journalists are feeding some illegal downloading portals with some new stuff earlier than the official release date, but this "item" I tend to call irreverent and pure paranoia.

This promotional copy features one full-length track ("Farthest Star"), one near-to-full-length special edit ("Nemesis") and five additional snippets of album tracks featuring at best a verse and the refrain of the track. With a playing time of 17 minutes some professional hard-working journalists which take their "job" (...and nobody pays us!!!) seriously should be able to give a quality review on the new complete album? We’re talking on VNV NATION, a scene-leading act which has taken influence on styles like Synth-/Futurepop like no other act else. Where’s the sense in this promotional item – okay, this time a journalist won’t feed the mostly in Russia placed illegal piracy servers – but a buyer soon will, face the facts!

Okay – "The Farthest Star" is definitively a new club filler with a decent melodic content and Ronan’s smooth vocal performance – straight and catchy arranged – it simply features all well-known elements which have made VNV NATION that famous. "Nemesis (Divine Command Edit)" differs a lot – it’s maybe one of the hardest tracks ever composed by them. Old-school EBM-like bass line and a much more angry vocals, some acoustic guitar elements to strengthen the refrain which proves their lately recognized dedication to some more Alternative-influenced styles – this all results in one of the most unexpected tracks of VNV NATION but in a good quality.

And the snippets? No, thanks – not with me, because these files are definitively too short to give out any tendency. VNV NATION and the label want a perfect promotion – the best with interviews? Well, then offer a full-length album with a complete artwork. No rating on this new release from my side, because the given stuff is too limited to give a quality judgement.

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