Music Reviews

Artist: WOMBA
Title: Evidence Of Letta
Format: CD
Label: R.A.I.G. (@)
Rated: *****
Have you ever had difficulties of falling asleep? There’s a moment when you are almost there where you start to lose consciousness and the sounds are dilated and they tend to become like a distant echo. Womba’s EVIDENCE OF LETTA gave me the same sensation. Now let’s do a step back. Who’s Womba? Well, it is a personal project of Tikhon "Hee Haw" Kubov, a man know into the independent new alternative Russian music scene. Produced by Russian Association of Independent Genres, EVEDENCE OF LETTA is a particular CD presented in a cardboard folder with booklet. It contains 24 tracks of minimal cut ups where radio/tv/record samples are merged with treated voices, noises, etc. The sensation I had by listening to these tracks was also like listening sounds through a fly ears: everything seemed so overwhelming and confused and I didn’t know where to rest. Is it a coincidence if there’s a smashed fly on the cover?

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