Music Reviews

Title: Lebenswelt
Format: CD
Label: R.A.I.G. (@)
Rated: *****
Formed back in 1999 Lebenswelt is a Russian trio that released five cd-r and one tape since then but they distributed them only to their circle of acquaintance. Produced by R.A.I.G (Russian Association of Independent Genres) LEBENSWELT CD is their first official release and here Andrei Blokhin, Igor Mukhin, and Mamikon Vartapetyan decided to collect their 2004-2005 recordings. Inspired by the ambiguous works of German prophet poet and translator Stefan George (1868-1933) the CD contains 13 tracks that span from the dark ambient to the industrial/experimental genres. Most of the tracks have a back ground humming sound where the band built up their sound sculptures. Sometimes they beat some metal stuff and other times the track keep its ambient structure but alternating hisses to percussive sounds or synthetic bleeps. The ambience created by Lebenswelt has a good effect even on the occasional listener that is immediately absorbed by the magmatic sound.

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