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Artist: DAWN OF ASHES (@)
Title: In The Acts Of Violence
Format: CD
Label: NoiTekk (@)
Distributor: Nova Media
Rated: *****
LA-based trio DAWN OF ASHES finally make with this full length release their first step on the German NoiTekk label and this should give you already the hint, which kind of music you have to expect. Harsh EBM/Industrial, also known under the worst genre name ever created, Hellektro. DAWN OF ASHES are using the same formula like so many acts these days, which also mostly can be found and heard from the NoiTekk roster – it has become a special trademark for this label. After the well recognized LIFE CRIED and DIE SEKTOR, also DAWN OF ASHES are hailing from the USA and are so the third band this year out of this country presenting their debut on NoiTekk. Violence and anti-religion are the main themes here, documented in 10 tracks and one remix work done by FGFC820, the project of BRUDERSCHAFT-leader DJ Rex Arcana. The compositions, especially provided through the lyrics are surely not designed for the fainthearted, the amount of steady violation, insults provided with uncountable "fuck-shit-kill-bitch" words can’t be counted in numbers. Like the lyrics, so is the music – a rough and destroying kind of known and repetitive Electro/EBM arrangements. DAWN OF ASHES unfortunately miss the point in contrary to their label mates of DIE SEKTOR to bring in something new or remarkable – they swim with the big average mass. There are several points also regarding the sound and production which could need a development – I like to name again both above mentioned acts as a reference. The cover art features well done the kind and mood of the album, but in all this isn’t the finest release of the NoiTekk label so far. It’s a debut, so keep on working and evolving.

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