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Title: Om Mani
Format: CD EP
Label: Rave Police (@)
Rated: *****
After releasing the last year their debut E.P. Lisa and Ryan continued working on their music developing it in a sort of trance pop techno. The new single OM MANI contains two new tracks "Om mani" and "My shrimplike beat". The first one, as indicated by the title (coming from the mantra "Om mani padme hum"), insert obviously Indian sitar sounds and a trance rhythm. Lisa vocal is like a gently loop that repeat the mantra constantly (adding some verses here and there). Also the melody follow the same scheme and the repetition of two of three patterns meet the sitar sounds that come and go. The second track is more influenced by trance and acid house and it sounds less pop. Here Lisa vocals are surrounded by layers of synths and ambient pads and the upbeat rhythm make of it a track more dancefloor oriented. The remaining three tracks are remixes of the main title. Rene Patrique version is more techno house oriented, he removed most of the vocals concentrating the attention of the main melody and on the pumping rhymth. Mount Oliphant worked more on the techno front adding also ethnic sounds making a particular version excessive but also with some delicate sounds (acoustic guitars, sitars, etc). The last version is the Robert Jax vs. Techno Squirrel version and it removes all the ethnic references but the voice, focusing the sound on a pure house techno sound really functional. As for the first single the Techno Squirrels prove themselves good at making pop dance tunes that work well also on clubs. If German style is too aggressive for you and you love remixed versions of Madonna's songs, try this one.

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