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Artist: ANGELSPIT (@)
Title: Krankhaus
Format: CD
Label: self-released
Distributor: DSBP
Rated: *****
Australia’s Cybergoth female/male duo returns with a new hard hitting release with a German title "Krankhaus", and indeed, the conceptual outcome of this CD belongs on a hospital pretty much "designed" out of the insanity kind behind this act. Yes – this CD ROCKS, because like on their already discovered debut, Destroyx and ZooG combine harsh and attacking guitar riffs with stomping rhythms patterns which offer a special dedication to distortion effects and male/female vocals standing alone or as a duet. Possible musically relationship can be found somehow to KMFDM or MORE MAN THAN MACHINE, but – with any respect to both acts – ANGELSPIT have so much more to offer. Mostly the tracks are straight arranged, real Crossover assaults which make you pummeling for more. Nice to hear that they do never "forget" to integrate the Electronic part, it is globally lesser Metal-like than expected. A nice development I have notice since their debut "Nurse Grenade", they have laid a lot of effort into the outcome of their vocals. The vocals of both are sounding almost more clear than before, although they are still open for experiments ("Scars And Stripes"). "Make You Sin", "Get Even", "Dead Letter" and the last track "Wreak Havoc" can be named here to be the favorites of this hefty release. Please note also the fine artwork providing the very own and insanity world out of the brains of this duo. Think about a filthy clinic invaded by our both dear musicians and several Cyberpunk-inspired guests doing some horrible experiments on two mummy-like victims. This isn’t a computer-based comic strip, no, it is real photographic art. I can’t remember that I’ve seen anything comparable before. Rich detailed artwork, a cool new "Krankhaus" logo, excellent models, nice music – unbelievable that this whole album and the huge work behind it is completely self-funded. I don’t know, but – should I advise a big label like Metropolis to kick off the lately uninspired KMFDM and to sign this great ANGELSPIT duo? This would be well deserved! Get this rocking release, now available at the cool DSBP mail order!

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