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Artist: GODKOMPLEX (@)
Title: Audial Apostasy
Format: CD
Label: Artificial Noise Records (@)
Distributor: DSBP
Rated: *****
Some of you may have discovered this Californian act on some magazine CD compilations of the well known Industrial Nation, maybe also from the well done "Wetworks Compilation III" which was online available from this now defunct webzine. Here they are back with a new 12 track album and all of you who have expected a music style like the compilation appearances mostly based on classic US-Industrial anthems will be surprised. Some far away possible comparisons to the old KEVORKIAN DEATH CYCLE maybe come to mind ("World Below"), but GODKOMPLEX have much more to offer. Some tracks turn into an Ambient-like style ("Not Human", "The Final Act"), while they mix perfectly in some cool Dark Electro tunes ("Kill-4-God", "Diminutive"). Conspicuous is the fact that this act has fine abilities to integrate complex rhythm patterns featuring several D n’ B and or IDM flavors – not everything here has that 4/4-marching-forward feel. I’m wondering a bit that there are only three tracks which feature the pregnant vocals of Daron A. Case ("All Or Nothing", "World Below" and the already discovered but still amazing "Intentional Disarray"). All other tracks are instrumental, but therefor voice sample-driven. It would be easy to advise them to write more tracks featuring some male or female vocals for sure, but on the other side I have to admit that this missed part doesn’t make the other nine tracks boring. GODKOMPLEX set the music in the center of their work – and their work is marvelous here! Distributed by the cool DSBP label/mail order should make it possible to get this fine item easily and to a fair price. A band to follow immediately!

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