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Artist: TYCHO BRAHE (@)
Title: Atlantic
Format: CD
Label: Cohaagen (@)
Rated: *****
Tycho Brahe is an Australian combo active since early 90s. They named themselves after the 16th century self taught Danish astronomer because they also had a "do it yourself" attitude. Formed by Ken Evans and joined a couple of years after by Georgina Emery, the band found its definitive line up in 2004 as a four piece group thanks to Andy Walls and Francis Tohill. Thanks to this line up the band has been able since then to base their live act on real played music where keyboards were only a piece of the gear and not the main instrument. Musically the band is sounding like a blend of 80s pop wave, electronic and synthpop. Their song writing is based on rock wave and their main influences seems to be The Fixx and A Flock Of Seagulls with other different ones that differs from track to track. For example, tracks like "Military option" and "Marianne" remember late 80’s Human League, the opening "It’s not enough" sounds a little bit like Cosmicity mixed with early Howard Jones while the following "Don’t feel that way" has a beginning that remember New Order. "Throwaway fashion" has something of Dead Or Alive but that is the tune which sounds more synthpop because of its danceable tune and because of the use of analogue synths without the add of guitar parts. ATLANTIC is the third Tycho Brahe album and even if they have so many 80s influences it’s an error to think that they don’t have their own style and attitude. Check "Empty days" and you’ll realize that they aren’t a simple pop band because that song gathers into its seven minutes length electronic intuitions a la Depeche Mode and cool melodies and the amazing thing is that you won’t realize that is that long! Be sure to check also the ten minutes closing remix of "Avarice", a convincing blend of house, techno and synthpop.

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