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Title: As They Fall...
Format: CD
Label: Idle Works (@)
Rated: *****
This is the debut release for Danish Synthpop duo consisting of Kristian Kroll and Kent Petersen. Also for the label behind this release, Idle Works, it is a debut and we like to say "Hello" to a new promising force which can set already with this first release a big exclamation mark on the still very poor looking Electro/Industrial map of Denmark. And when I said Synthpop, I mean Synthpop. No Futurepop attitudes have found the way on this 8 tracks, it can be also generally said, that FAKE THE ENVY do not at all produce their kind of music to build a dancefloor compatibility. The music is smooth, catchy and fills in the right melodic synth swabs when needed. Similarity also for the vocals, which are excellent set in. MESH, DEPECHE MODE back to their "A Broken Frame" times only played with Synths of the current times come somehow to my mind when I try to find possible comparisons. Especially their right nose for the ideas of the Pop/Wave times of the 80ies is the outstanding ability on their valuable work here, it may needs 2 – 3 more rotations until it totally gets you! Remarkable and recognizing refrain works can be heard in both "Obsolete" and "What Kind Of Mess", while the title track of this album is maybe the only one track which can lead the Synthpop maniacs to a residence permission on the dancefloors. This is dreamy and valuable Synthpop in its clearest form and I hope the best for this act that they can soon enter a wider recognition and success. Same for the label Idle Works, which will soon return with the band MACHINE SOLDIER which more focuses on harder EBM-like music.

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