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Live Act(s): Warper Party feat. Gregory Shiff, The Overclock Orchestra, Exaltron, DEI, Kamoni, Three Monkeys, icey Mike, Shakey, Moldover
Event Date: 21 March 2006
Type of Event: Small Club Concert
Venue: Botanica Bar
Promoter/Organizer: Warper Party
Rated: *****
Just like Jojo Mayer's weekly Nerve/Prohibited Beatz live drum'n'bass shows were a staple in the underground electronic music scene of NYC about five years ago, the monthly Warper Party is quickly attempting to become the same point of reference for NYC's live electronic music today (and it's about time somebody thought of that again!)... Exploring the fine line between performer and Dj, the Warper Party at Botanica Bar (small, two room venue on Houston Street, in the ever popular Lower East Side) offers a roster of valid and exciting new artists (most of them part of the growing family of Abelton Live users). Most of these performers have the passion for live-remashing in common (cmp review of Moldover's latest CD on these pages, for a defition of that) but some do their own thing and give it their own spin, as it should be.I attended Warper Party for the first time back in February, when the highlights of the night were definitely the Nerve/Prohibited Beatz-fame keyboard-bass duet Takuya Nakamura & John Davis, SNL drummer Shawn Pelton's electronic-percussive project Black Canary, the king of live-remashing himself Moldover and Brian Cass' Overclock Orchestra. At this month's Warper Party unexpectingly took place in conjunction with some fine-art lovers meeting, most of whose dressed-up, artsy-fartsy and stylish attendees, when asked to sign up for the mailing list, made a snotty face like they didn't know why they were there and why there was all that noisy ugly music in the background: although I'll admit that the few that got it and were all for the interaction of visual art and electronic music made it worth the task! The back room's dances were opened by the Overclock Orchestra ( Keep an eye open for this dude: he re-mashes tv shows themes with his guitar playing and does so by using his self-built Rock'n'Roll Machines ( a six string assisted computer (basically a guitar with a bunch of midi controllers and triggers) and another box made of switches and knowbs that allows him to trigger and control samples of his own guitar playing, just seconds after it has taken place. Exaltron ( stood out for his complex set up made of Abelton Live, a trumpet, a guitar and a bunch of pedals. Kamoni (, who also played last month, takes it back to the beat with an octopad that triggers sounds in Native Instruments' Battery and pretty much doesn't rely on sequencing: pure un-adulturated live-performed electro beats. The two untiring show organizers Moldover ( and Dj Shakey (, closed the night by offering their own spice of head-turning live re-mashing and record spinning, respectively. Other acts of the night included Flavio's Sucre, DEI, Gregory Shiff, Three Monkeys and Icey Mike.I had a great time. The energy and synergy between all the artists and the fact that they all know each other and, for the most part, have in common the use of a software, is really great and potentially it could represent the start of great things. I sincerely hope that Warper Party will become the new Prohibited Beatz and that it will turn into a great monthly event with better sound systems, larger crowds and even greater networking!


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