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Artist: DRINK TO ME (@)
Title: kralle brau session
Format: MCD (Mini CD)
Label: Stuprobrucio (@)
Rated: *****
From the same cdr label of Hawaii8 here come nother good demo-ep. Drink To Me differently from their label mates are a rock combo with that 4/4 beats that makes the day of a lot of young teenagers chained in front of Mtv. Rough but good recording from which you won't miss the english post-punk influence of the band and if Mtv made you think "easy listening" that's not the case. I can't say that's music without a melodic edge but unfortunately for all of us its new waveish crepuscular taste may be disorienting for the average pop kid. Do you remember Pitchblende? If it helps their later line up at one point became Turing Machine, anyhow, this post-punk U.s. quartet put some really interesting and inspired records during the early nineties and the labels were Matador, Cargo, Jade Tree if that means a thing (and it does). Just the fact Drink To Me recall such an underrated but undeniably great band like Pitchblende, to me it's a result itself. Add to this all they have some avant-rock-noise reminescences a la Brainiac in a new wave salsa and that's how it sounds. Probably there's much more to be done but it's an ok release and better of half of the post-punk-punk-fuck-post-garage-post-whatever wonnabies trying to make it on Mtv.

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