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Artist: BIAS!
Title: bias!
Format: 3" MiniCD
Label: Wallace (@)
Rated: *****
I think that's the last chapter of the 3" mailin' series of Wallace and features again Xabier Iriondo from Afterhours, A Short Apnea, Uncode Duello and Olivier Manchion from Permanent Fatal Error and Ulan Bator. What should you expect from such an pair? Yes, the answer is: some psychedelia with an eye looking at the past while the other is watching straight at the twilight. The most of the track are fragmented but yet melodical trippy ballads. The acoustic guitar is the main weapon, but you can bet there's a "controlled" friendly fire of other instruments from keyboards to electronics. The oniric element is strong as fuck but that's something I was expecting since at last all of the projects involving these two guys have this basic seventies-melodic-trance aura. While some songs drives you gently to a comfortable landing in the dreamland (profumo di un aria), some other compositions have a weird krautesque style that may leave you dazzled and confused (solitaire duo). If it was not for the consistent differences I'd recommend this 3" mcd to those who loved Thuston Moore, Lee Ranaldo and co. while crossing their "we're freak-heads but yet melodic" period. This work's not so far from that of Mattia Coletti just came out on the same label, above all the atmosphere idea is similar but this one's much more "deviated". Bias! Doesn't betray the expectations: stony but yet melodic.

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