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Title: Weeville
Format: CD
Label: Cloud Recordings (@)
Rated: *****

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Please rewind back to the 90s, to a different time and place, to the peacefully creative shores of New Zealand. Feel free to let yourself become younger in soul and feeling, what have you got to lose after all? A couple of tall dwarfs will lead you strumming and singing into the happiest and saddest recesses of your inner heart; you may not take all this too seriously, but if you let them, I grant you will be affected!This remastered reissued of 1990 Weeville (originally out on the legendary NZ label Flying Nun) for the American label Cloud Recordings is just what it takes to introduce you to the lo-fi perfections of this NZ duo, who after being in one of the seminal NZ punk bands, went on to lead for a while the NZ assault to 90’s indie pop music. The rest of the world (some of it, at least) stood in awe and listened: how could a four-track equipment, looped rhythms (ingenious enough to be childish) and a folksinger’s voice show the way to a renewed pop ethics that had been swamped by then in overproduced sound effects? In fact, looking back on those times, it can be said that Tall Dwarfs, just by being outside all the trends of mainstream anglo-american pop music, had the privilege to be free and cultivate their own brand of streamlined pop-folk. Melodies could be simple and infectious, or ballad-like and sour-sweet: the lyrics were invariably touching, ironic and yet profound. Isn’t this light-hearted seriousness what makes pop songs relevant, after all?All 16 tracks of this CD are sparkling with ideas, and will have a way of winding their loopy (and loony) sounds into your ears. American lo-fi indie heroes like Pavement adored the Tall Dwarfs, and if you listen to this CD you too will understand why. I have always been hooked by them; don’t know why but I picture them as dwarfish elves in a Peter Jackson’s movie – if just for once Peter Jackson left Hollywood and shot the wild and melancholy low-budget B-movie we know we would love! Just listen to "Bodies"...

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