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Artist: TO AVOID (@)
Title: Voyage Into The Past
Format: CD
Label: Promo-Select / Dark Wings (@)
Distributor: SPV
Rated: *****
With the debut of this German duo, the now defunct Dark Wings label releases in collaboration with the new Promo-Select label its last output. So this will save the distribution through SPV, but for more future releases the label Promo-Select has to take a look for further partners and options. This "Voyage Into The Past" is indeed a well chosen title for this debut, because most sounds of the bands and the overall mood of this release has the feel of Dark Electro/EBM of some past days up to 10 – 15 years ago. The patterns of M.A.R.C. (vocals) and grandT (keys, synths) are self announced with big names like yelworC, FLA or LEAETHER STRIP. These are bands which are still active, but they had their most successful times back in the early 90ties. TO AVOID for sure do not play in the same league like their famous patterns for sure, but I see and hear it as a good point that this band tries to avoid (ha, what a nice limerick) the currently overrated Hellektro genre. It is not the newest water in use to cook the TO AVOID soup, but I appreciate their effort to try out something new. This is music based on classic, if not veteran styled anthems, lets say, a bit old-school like. The track "Cyberworld" is maybe the most one comparable to some current styles, but luckily without that stupid "onz-onz-onz-onz" Tekkno rhythms. "Hypocrisy" and "Deep" do surprise with some well worked out special effects and a strong composition. Although the possibilities of the band seem to be limited here and there, there’s nevertheless a strong potential behind this band. A fine debut which needs 3 - 4 more rotations than usual. Worth to check out – there is no reason to avoid TO AVOID!

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