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Artist: Cyanotic (@)
Title: Transhuman
Format: CD
Label: Glitch Mode Recordings
Distributor: Self-distributed
Rated: *****
Industrial music hybrid Cyanotic is a project by Sean Payne, Drew Rosander, and Brian Blake, three virtual unknowns, working under the production lead of Jason Novak (Acumen Nation, DJ? Acucrack) and Chris Cozort (Iammynewt). With their first full-length album, Transhuman, Cyanotic immediately prove their worth; ignoring the unspoken laws of how industrial/club music should be written and instead tearing out one of the most brutal and well composed releases of the current century.

Transhuman mixes the harsh industrial-metal guitars of Ministry, the abrasive breakcore beats and glitches of Venetian Snares, and the dance-floor crushing EBM sounds of Front Line Assembly and Numb; all with a precision that will leave fans of the afore-mentioned bands staring on in a stupor. This release is so aggressiveespecially the opening tracksthat it makes me want to get incredibly drunk and beat the living crap out of the first person or thing I see. Seriously.

It isn’t very often that a new industrial band has the potential to make such an impact above and beyond their own genre. Cyanotic has enough energy and brutality behind their first full-length album, and enough support by popular bands and labels alike to make Transhuman a big success. Cyanotic is in a very good position to take Transhuman and force-feed aggressive music fans everywhere the meal they’ve been begging for.

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