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Title: Tellurique
Format: CD
Label: Season of Mist (@)
Distributor: Audioglobe
Rated: *****
I love this french combo, it was one of the first industrial band I've ever seen live, every once in while I still listen to their demo tape and it's still a blast into my ears after more than ten years. Many of you've probably heard or read about them but still can't figure out where, I think that can happen with such a band considering this trio has always followed its own path no matter why, ho or what. A friend of mine gave me an advanced cd with a couple of songs before "Tellurique" was even mastered and I immediately thought it was surprising. It's hard to pass the test of time and it's hard to rejuvenate but somehow they managed to do it. I can't say if Kill the Thrill are in living a "second youth", for sure their sound is vital and far from being anachronistic. Season of Mist present them by saying: " original style that can be seen as a crossroad between metal, industrial, post rock and new wave", while their industrial background probably runs deep into their veins, their music evolved slowly getting more refined and cathartic than ever. Reminiscences of Swans (during their melodic decadence), something of Cop Shoot Cop (the same class for the vocals), sparkle of french noise (can you remember the X-rated, Les Thugs, Deity Guns, etc...era?), a bit of Neurosis and Godflesh (in particular "Us and them" and "Selfless") and maybe Jesu. "Tragedy" has always been one of the main characteristics of this band from Marseilles, they just added more melody and elegance to their way of painting. Even if the industrial element is still strong, "Tellurique" can make a lot of people could fall in love, right when we're crossing an era of "Neurosis' beatification" in which bands such as like Isis or Jesu are getting popular among the hard-core/nu-metal listeners and right when a lot of goth people got more into "hard" music with sad melodies, well right then it's good for a band like Kill the Thrill to be in the midst of its maturity. Probably Kill the Thrill could be compared to an old french wine found in the basement and it tastes so good.

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