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Artist: VV.AA.
Title: A Tribute To Dead Or Alive
Format: CD
Label: Section 44 (@)
Rated: *****
If I think about the Dead Or Alive, a couple of things immediately came to mind: their distinctive icon, Pete Burns and their hit album "Youthquake". Similar to the Fixx tribute project, Empire State Human produced, always for Section 44, the Dead Or Alive tribute. Even if the band is still active, they produced only five album and they knew the international success mainly for the "You spin me round (like a record)" single and for the "Youthquake" album. In my opinion the main difficulty of covering D.O.A. songs is the fact that every listener would for sure paragon the vocals of the various bands with the peculiar one of Pete Burns. Another thing to count is that D.O.A. were already an electronic combo, so the arrangements must be well personalised to pass the audience's judgement. Well, after listening to the compilation a couple of times, I can tell that all the band passed the exam and some with something more than a good impression! I was really impressed by the version of Astromill (their "Isn't it a pity" is a catchy pop/new wave version and it sounds really fresh), Giallo, The Dignity of Labour, Electroluvs, Baxendale (their "Come home with me baby" is a killer. It seems a remixed version of their own track...), Ganymede (their "Lover come back to me" seems more a Kraftwerk/Telex cover), Empire State Human, Spray (which had the difficult mission of covering "You spin me round -like a record" and it sounds pretty similar to the original version, being also more pumped and fast) and Royal Visionaries which make "Stop kicking my heart around" play like an early Human League song. The tracklist has been selected picking up tracks coming mainly from the second half of the 80's band period (from the albums "Youthquake", "Mad bad and dangerous to know" and "Nude"). Another album you shouldn't miss! P.s. Visit for more infos and audio clips.

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