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Artist: JIM FOX
Title: Descansos, past
Format: CD EP
Label: Cold Blue
Rated: *****
Written in memory of composer and friend John Kuhlman, "Descansos, past" sounds like the sweetest dirge ever, where the pain for loss seems to be diluted in serene recollections. Written by Fox in May 2004 and performed by Barry Newton (double bass) and a cello quartet formed by Erika Duke-Kirkpatrick, Jessica Catron, Aniela Perry and Rachel Arnold, the 15-minute composition developes around the dialogue of solemn, repetitive bass picking, and the driving power of the strings, literally lifting the piece to the sky. As with the previous ep, "The city the wind swept away", Fox has written some painfully emotional music, and I envy the sage outlook on living its suggests.

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