Music Reviews

May 31 2005
Artist: DEKAD (@)
Title: Sin Lab
Format: CD
Label: Boredom Product (@)
Rated: *****
After partecipating to a couple of compilations (Frenchviolation magazine CD and to the "Synthétique" CD compilation) the French trio called Dekad finally arrived to an important target: their first album. SIN LAB contains fourteen original tracks composed thank to the efforts of the whole band team. The tracks sound fresh and inspired and the band show confidence on their skills. For this reason the whole album is a surprise and the blend of synthpop, new wave (see the use of flangered/delayed guitar on some tracks) and e.b.m. can convince even the occasional listener since the first spin of the CD. Tracks like "Club devil" or "I want" are really powerful and the mix of dark atmospheres with melodical refrains is a winner one. The band sound is ready to compete with the one of bands of the like of Toy or Covenant even if Dekad are less pop. Give them a chance!

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