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Title: I
Format: CD
Label: Little Joe Peep (@)
Rated: *****
- BEWARE: Before reading the following review you need to find your irony (you should have some!) and reading between the lines. C'mon, I know you could do it! -

It's nice to see that drunk people are able to play even if they are flying somewhere. During their flight they met the genuinity of punk, the innovation of electronic music and the impetuosity of improvisation. During their flight Jakuta and Carl made eleven stops just to cheer them up and to listen to some good music. They met the K label bands, the Chicks On Speed and I think they saw also Virgin Prunes (maybe they had a drink with Dave Id Busarus) just to take a walk down the memory lane. Jakuta and Carl on their first album did a long trip (ten minutes long) and they met Sid Barret. He joined them and inspired them for "Part two of a three act whether play". After the noisy pop of "Love and play" the duo decided it was time for "The sun is laughing". The sun was really shine and sometimes its brightness was too much. It was losing its shape by blurring into a thousand of different colors. With pop and electronic experiments Jakuta and Carl found their alchemy but sometimes they lost the point by looking straight at the sun. If you want to join them, you shouldn't care about lo-fi sounds/productions, emotions and dissonant songs. In this case you could find your lost friends and take a fly together.

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