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Artist: Fektion Fekler (@)
Title: Into the Sun
Format: CD
Label: Static Sky Records (@)
Rated: *****
The two protagonists of industrial synth/darkwave duo Fektion Fekler have almost, but not quite, grasped their musical genie coming out of its bottle. The bad news first: although they have been recording since 1989, artistically an advantage from any perspective, the musicianship on their new 14-track release yet has some room for improvement. In spite of really cool effects on the vocals, too many of the tracks suffer from off-key singing. I emphasize this not to be unfair, but because so much else about this disc is already incredibly good, that it could have been great. Nevertheless, FF presses bravely on: woven into the last two-fifths of Into the Sun is an unexpected (for this first-time listener) and refreshing batch of lovely, acoustic guitar-driven songs reminiscent of Meddle-era Pink Floyd. "Liberate Tutmet," the last song (if you don't count the "hidden" track), resolves the CD nicely with its eerie, This Mortal Coil-like splendor. Finally, the vocal performances on these just manage to redeem the other trouble spots on the disc.

Assuming that vocalist John Bustamante is also the mysterious "Womb Dabbler" listed among the guest credits (as "vocals and lyrics by..."), he and brother programmer/guitarist/bassist Robert offer not only decent industrial fare but heartfelt odes as well. This serious commitment to doing something sincere and different with their genre will for sure make FF stand out as a whole. They definitely have the tools; all they need is a little troubleshooting.

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