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Artist: Nox Arcana (@)
Title: Darklore Manor
Format: CD
Label: Monolith Graphics (@)
Rated: *****

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Joseph Vargo and his partner William Piotrowski for Nox Arcana bring back the sounds that made Midnight Syndicate famous. Fans of Midnight Syndicate may remember albums like 'Born of the Night' and 'Realm of Shadows', both of which feature Joseph Vargo. Nox Arcana's debut is no less enthusiastic and resurrects these dark orchestral sounds. Darklore Manor continues the legacy initially begun while Midnight Syndicate has not carried on to venture into other territory such as a Dungeons & Dragons soundtrack. Nox Arcana, on the other hand, give fans of Midnight Syndicate what they've been craving most. Enter Darklore Manor, where creatures of the night lurk in shadows and ghostly sounds echo through unhallowed halls. Haunted organs, ghostly voices, and much much more fill this release while maintaining the strong musical compositions instead of becoming overdone with sound-effects like most seasonal releases. I say seasonal because as many of you know Midnight Syndicate has become very popular in the Haunted Attraction industry at Halloween and Nox Arcana should reside along with them by the other releases Vargo helped create. Joseph Vargo is not only a talented and creative musician with a taste for dark music but also a well established artist who has created quite a stir with his own company Monolith Graphics. Monolith Graphics has been in business several years producing postcards, posters, stickers, t-shirts, journals, calendars, tarot decks, and their own Dark Realms magazine. Dark Realms has also run several issues featuring reviews of all things dark and wonderful in entertainment including books, games, movies, music, and much more. Dark Realms is THE premiere magazine for darkling entertainment. Also check out Monolith's Graphic's "Tales from the Dark Tower", an original collection of 13 sinister stories, lavishly illustrated by Joseph Vargo. Based upon characters depicted in Vargo's classic gothic paintings, each story in this unique anthology is woven together to create a new and compelling saga of vampire lore. Nox Arcana is a healthy addition to the Monolith family of releases and an exciting one this year for Halloween fans worldwide. Abandon hope all ye who enter here... Look for the follow-up called "Necronomicon", a dark symphony based upon H.P. Lovecraft's forbidden tome of unspeakable horrors.

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