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Artist: MIHA CIGLAR (@)
Title: A piece for two instruments and a saxophone player
Format: CD EP
Label: self-released
Rated: *****
Young Slovenian composer, musician and sound engineer Miha Ciglar studied saxophone, musical pedagogics and sound engineering in Maribor (Slovenia, his native town too) and Graz (Austria). "A piece for two instruments and a saxophone player" (a contribution to the "Open Cube series", Cube, Institute of electronic music, Graz) is a 26' improvised piece recorded live to two tracks, and is an interesting real-time interaction between the wind instrument and digital manipulation. It begins with a kind of swarming drone, similar to Hafler Trio's use of string samples - then it breaks into a mess of digital crackles, pitch-shifting, loops and (barely recognizable for the most part) sax roars and sputterings. If you wondered how a Peter Broetzmann recording could sound in an glitch-electroacoustic mix, this could be an answer, and this work definitely could appeal to those into radical Japan improv or Nmperign. There are a lot of interesting passages, but at times the performance suffers from repetitiveness or let-down moments: "no overdubs, no mixing" is not always the best choice, especially if we're to hear an improvised session. I still feel this kind of material should be HEAVILY overdubbed. Still, an interesting experiment.

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