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Artist: HXXS
Title: Year Of The Witch
Format: 12" vinyl + Download
Label: Captured Tracks
Recording “Year Of The Witch” was something of an adventure for the duo of Jeannie Colleene and Gavin Neves, who initially recorded it whilst living out of a van whilst on tour, having that hard drive stolen and having to re-record it from memory against the clock.

Perhaps that process helped them in trimming the fat off and offering up an 11-pack of tight, dense three-minute helpings of angry anti-pop built from semi-complex electronic rhythm patterns, sharp and sometimes discordant guitar stabbing, some esoteric acoustic loops, vocals that rapidly tip over from singing into shouting and lyrics oozing dissatisfaction with modern society and politics.

Highlights include “Double Down” with its distinctive assembly of a kind of industrial glam rock, and “Their Satanic Majesty’s 3rd Request” featuring Kyp Malone of TV on the Radio adding a strangely Neil Hannon flavour vocally. “Full Health” is an eye-opening hybrid of gutpunching proto-techno drum production played against the angry indie-guitar side of things, while bouncy “Build A Fire” ends the album with a shade of fun.

At times I can’t make out the lyrics, but otherwise I’d call the production polished, playful and inventive. As it often the case in bands like this, the intros and outros of the songs exhibit some of the most experimental work, like the curious anticipation that opens “Hail Mary”. A deliberate weediness at times might get some tracks labelled as lo-fi, but that wouldn’t be entirely fair.

There’s a beat poetry meets theatrical performance aspect to tracks like “This Loss Of Blood Has Me Feeling Some Type Of Way” which would undoubtedly be powerful live. The reliance on repeating lyrics into mantras is often powerful, but not always- “Hard To Tell” feels like a bit of a mis-fire.

It’s strong independent electro-anti-pop with a strong voice, and if you enjoy hearing frustrations vented over enjoyably awkward sounds, this is a half hour worth checking out.

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