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Artist: Ocean In A Bottle
Title: A Simple Case: I'm sorry... looking at the moon
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Silber Records
Another in Silber’s 5-in-5 series, where artists offer up five tracks that combine to provide a five-minute-long listen, Ocean In A Bottle’s “A Simple Case: I’m sorry… looking at the moon” feels like its title is longer than the release itself!

Here are five pieces, mostly centred around a synthetic piano which is played fluidly. It is drenched in reverb which spills out into broader ambient sounds, but these are subtly applied and the effect is quite hollow- with the exception of the rather predictable rain sounds that rumble under final track “Walking Back Into The Rain”. The title track “I’m sorry” switches out the piano in favour of warmer pad noises, but flows directly into the romantic piano minor chords of “A Shuffle Of Your Feet”.

Yet another intriguing calling card on the 5-in-5 series, this one doesn’t feel particularly innovative but it certainly makes up for that in emotional likeability.

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