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Artist: Genetic Transmission (@)
Title: Spójrzcie Пожалуйста, Jakie Piękne Macie Gęby
Format: CD
Label: Zoharum (@)
Distributor: Alchembria
Rated: *****
This is another chapter of the reissue plan of Genetic Transmission's albums by Zoharum and perhaps this is from the most adventurous part of Tomasz Twardawa's discography. According to the liner notes this is the first time that a computer has been used in the sound preparation and this could be heard as in many moments there's a remarkable sound nuance and, unusually, there's a certain dada humor in the album title, and in the cover, instead of the more serious industrial oriented framework of the other releases.
This release is opened by "Track 1" (by the way, all the track are untitled) which slowly evolves from a quiets first part based on a drone to a second one which uses loops and samples tied by a mechanical rhythmic structure. "Track 2" reveals the author's ability to use noise in a creative way rather than to hurt the listener. "Track 3" starts as a follow up of the previous track and evolve in a rather dada piece which is a prelude to the juxtapositions of "Track 4" with several montage's virtuosities. "Track 5" alternates noisy moments to quieter ones. "Track 6" proceeds by accumulation from a low frequency pulse to a complex, and evocative, soundscape based on samples or more precisely foley sounds. "Track 7" is a rather complex cut-up with noisy intermissions.
This release is practically a single opus in seven movements, rather than a collection of tracks, as there are many similarities between the tracks that create a self referentiality which is the sign that there's a precise concept behind this release. An obscure gem from the past.

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