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Artist: Kim Myhr / Quatuor Bozzini / Caroline Bergvall / Ingar Zach
Title: Pressing Clouds Passing Crowds
Format: 12" vinyl + CD
Label: Hubro
Four artist names are credited on this release, although while “Quatuor Bozzini” may sound like an individual’s name, it’s actually a Montreal-based string quartet. As the composer Kim Myhr’s name is given prominence at the top of the artwork. However, despite this, this release seems more like a Caroline Bergvall release, with Bergvall reading her own dreamy slow thoughtful poetry while the other artists contribute soft soundscaping and cinematic atmospherics that compliment and paint pictures around the words.

Myhr’s own guitar work is prominent, often responsible for the more frequent and repetitive strumming that provides a rhythmic backbone beside which the string quartet’s lines and Zach’s percussion are allowed to meander and drift in a more leisurely fashion. There are more upbeat moments, such as “Future Present” which borders on jazz, lyrically seems to evoke the sketchiness of Karl Hyde works, and which sounds like it’s building to an almost poppy crescendo that never arrives, while more downbeat moments include the plaintive discordant sorrow of “Days” and the more spacious and reflective “Burning”.

In “Thngs Dspr” Bergvall’s voice adopts a melodic quality that sits it between poetry and singing and it has a captivatingly pleasant quality to it that warrants its limelighting.

The poetry commands your attention and will determine your response to this release as a whole, sure to be huskily comforting for some listeners and disengaging for others, making this a ‘your mileage may vary’ release, but for me this is quality fodder for late evenings at home.

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