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Artist: Sarram
Title: Four Movements Of A Shade
Format: CD + Download
Label: Midira Records
“Four Movements Of A Shade” is a rather familiar-sounding exercise in guitar-driven drone and minimal post-rock, blending heavily effects-washed grungy shoegaze guitar chords with a selection of synth pads and other drones into a four-part, forty-minute work, a dark and intense brooding sonic journey with a raw, improvised-and-recorded-in-a-day attitude to it.

Part III drifts slightly closer to melody, the guitar sounds almost approaching U2 at one point, whereas other parts are more resolutely formless. There’s plenty of evolution within it, and although it’s only split into four parts, the progression within each is such that it could legitimately have been subdivided further.

The press sheet says you’ll love this record “if you like Sunn O)))” and also “N”, and I think that’s true- but you’ll also find it sounding surprisingly unoriginal too. This all feels like it’s been rather ‘done’- indulgent, brooding guitar noise taken towards, but not beyond, its logical extreme. Rich and immersive, yes, but as for inspired or inspiring, it falls a little short.

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