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Artist: Anne-James Chaton & Andy Moor
Title: Tout Ce Que Je Sais
Format: CD & Vinyl
Label: Unsounds
The second part of their “Heretics” series continues to fuse together Anne-James Chaton’s French-language freeform and sometimes quite frenetic beat poetry with Andy Moor (The Ex)’s looped and layered improvised and mostly rhythm-driven experimental guitar work.

It’s recorded live, though you wouldn’t tell from the sound quality, which is very rich and deep- only the appreciate audience responses between tracks give it away. A curious bit of anachronistic soundscaping after the first track, seemingly featuring bees and tractors, is shortlived and not fully explored, with the release focussing almost exclusively on guitar and voice.

Being unable to speak French, the voice here is just another instrument to be judged on sonic rather than lyrical quality, but it stands up well in that regard. It’s dramatic, well-performed, both evocative and strangely authoritative, though there isn’t necessarily a great deal of variation between pieces which is highlighted more when you don’t understand what’s being said.

The guitar, meanwhile, generally has one particular sound, but does adopt a variety of playing styles- “Coquins coquettes et cocus” being more than halfway to full-on rock guitar, “Clair Obscur” being a little more folksy, “Casino rabelaisien” being somewhat darker.

Final track “The Things That Belong To William” (again a French-language track despite the title) stands out for being more freeform, using timestretched vocal recordings as a throat-singing-style atmospheric bed and using the guitar for spontaneous and dynamic clanging rather than the beat patterns that dominate most of the other tracks.

It’s a strong piece of guitar poetry in a relatively conventional style, and thankfully you don’t have to speak French to appreciate it.

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