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Artist: Ernesto Diaz-Infante (@)
Title: The Lover's Escape (Los Amantes Escapan)
Format: CD
Label: Kendra Steiner Editions (@)
Rated: *****
This new release by the Californian guitarist is based on a different framework compared to "Manitas": while the former is a long, and spectral, piece based on a political stance, this one sounds more as a personal portrait. From a musical perspective, this release is a proper showcase of the way of playing developed from the initial use of strumming to his most recent, and quieter, release where he explores the use of silence.
The album is articulated in three long tracks: "Hold me in a deep sleep", based on quiet and slow notes, immersed in pure silence, searching for a long release of the instrument with the result of almost hiding in the environment instead of surrounding the listener. "Watching your eyes awake" is based on the same principles but using chords and a certain reverb and it's perhaps even slower in its development giving time to contemplate the sustain. After all this quietness, "Off into the wilderness where we walk with no gravity" is a strumming song where a rainbow of nuances appears from an apparent stillness, hypnotizing the listener.
The apparently trivial movement of the three parts from sparse notes to strumming is the key element of a poetic oriented to the personal depiction of everyday's feeling rather than rhetorical statements. Recommended but listen with care.

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