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Artist: Let There Be Light (@)
Title: Night and Day
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: self-released
An exquisitely crafted emotional rush of excursions in atmospheric-electronic post-rock fronted by Toronto, Canada based Piero Frenguelli and Marco Porsia aka Let There Be Light. Eschewing understated vocals from their previous albums for all-instrumentals on Lights at Last, LTBL evokes the shimmering pulse of Basic Channel and New Lands-era Flying Saucer Attack with it’s layered guitar washes and waves of keyboard notes. “Kindness” opens with far-away guitar and sustained keyboards that gradually engulf and consume with the power of a storm with it’s driving beats and melody. “Still Alive” recalls the mystique of the Basic Channel Radiance project with its psychedelic electro-mantras later joined by additional blissful textures and atmospheric-cinematic voice-overs that induce a sci-fi theatre of the mind. The following, “Melancholia” oddly feels anything but, with billowing guitar and overcast synth waves with dreamy guitar and bass notes—though fragments of feminine voice-overs do speak of “crying out” and moments that are depressing. “Love” is decidedly downtempo, buoyed by bulbous basslines and understated rhythm while keyboard notes form a gentle aurora borealis which culminates into a euphoria-filled build up. “Lights at Last” comes off as subdued ambient as is “Persevere”, though the latters’ piano notes and synth-quakes channel Vangelis. “Memory” is narrated by Richard Burton, musing on mortality and alcoholism, as drum machines march along to a guitar and electronics interplay while “Repeaters” feels more of an ambient-house vibes and “March of the Tired” belongs on a William Orbit album. “Aftertouch” closes Lights at Last closes the release with frenetic drum machines and synths. It is somewhat a pity that vocals are gone, but the duo have made up for the loss with over-the-top production. Lights at Last sounds fantastic and close headphone listens reveal lush sounds and meticulous attention to detail on the scale of a big budget studio. This release is gorgeous to listen to. Let There Be Light’s musical and technical talents are evident and you are doing yourself a disservice by not visiting their page and immersing and ultimately feeling good lost. Listen with good headphones, it’s well worth it!

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