Music Reviews

Artist: Artur Maćkowiak
Title: Iconic Rapture
Format: CD
Label: Wet Music
Rated: *****
I was unfamiliar with this Polish artist and had a difficult time finding anything on him, so not much background to give here. As such, let’s get to the music. If I had to sum this up in just a few words, I would choose repetition, melancholy, and complex. There is an interesting mix of style here. For example, “Welcome Emptiness” sounds like a guitar player testing out a new song over a rapid synth arpeggio. “Zosta Do Jutra” mixes guitar and music box-like piano with some droning vocals. I don’t speak Polish, so I can’t really say much about the vocals themselves. The only other track with prominent vocals is “Taniec Zgubionego Dwiku,” which has a repetitive guitar line and clarinet with some echoed vocals. This sounded like a cross between a neo-folk band and 1980s shoegaze music. Overall, this is a peaceful disc that has a lot of complexity to it. I generally tire of repetition in this way, but Makowiak manages to compose in such a way that it hangs together and stays interesting. Well worth checking out. This album weighs in at around 44 minutes.

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