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Artist: Roman Leykam | Frank Mark
Title: Experience Space
Format: CD
Label: Frank Mark Arts (@)
Rated: *****
The label by Frank Mark bravely keeps on walking on his stylistic path by a plenty of releases, the last of which mostly focused on Roman Leykam outputs, so that a collaboration of Roman with the owner of the label is somehow surprising. On "Experience Space", they keep on squeezing electric guitars, synth-generated guitars, fretless bass (very nice the one that Frank forged in "Telepathic"), a set of recognisable synths and midi (yes, you read it well, MIDI...and one of the most recurring MIDI instrument is a really obsolete trumpet) by an impressive set of setups and effects, but they reached a balance between more traditional declensions of ambient meditations, cosmic music, and synth artifacts. Many tracks keep on resembling something in between the demo songs or pre-sets of some workstation or synths (particularly some stuff I heard by Yamaha, Alesis, and Oberheim engineers) and those CDs that get attached to the exercise books of some more or less improvised new-age guru and such a matching is somehow inspired by the (more or less modified) vocal sample, included in some tracks, sounding like guidelines in tracks like "Indelible Memory" or "Tumult of the Senses". Other ones sound like dadaist games on electric or synth guitars or minimal wandering of a Pink Floyd or Ozric Tentacles fan after trying opium, but lovers of these sonorities will be undoubtedly delighted by the number of strategies they explore over the 65 minutes of the release. Very nice artwork (featuring many pictures of sculptured faces and masks).

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