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Artist: Ivvy
Title: Safe Within
Format: 12"
Label: Medical Records
“Safe Within” is a very focussed 4-track 12” EP of US techno with an above-average tempo and a relentless, no-frills drive.

After a moody intro, “Big Rat” breaks into a thick kick drum pattern over which metallic patterns clang and reverb. “Safe Within” initially feels like just a re-run of the first track with a hihat added, but does eventually pitch off in a different direction with a twangier higher-end pattern.

“See Something” has the same slightly Underworld-ish rapid-fire kick but substantially softened, allowing more space for an almost didgeridoo-like drone and more advanced other percussion patterns. “SK One” (which to me means central Stockport but that’s probably not what they meant) follows similar patterns but with a slightly more industrial tone which is gradually joined by ravey alarm tones that feel like they ought to be building to something, but don’t.

A very purposeful and direct collection of kick-thump techno, distinctly lacking in variety within the EP but definitely a strong DJ weapon.

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