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  1. […] I am really touched by this review. Somebody actually made the effort to listen and found great ways to describe my music and my intentions with this piece. Thank you J. Simpson and Chain DLK for being so understanding and good to me! You can read the review also here. […]

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  3. […] Chain D.L.K. posted a remarkably thorough review, presenting insights I truly thought nobody would ever find. […]

  4. […] melodic, but no doubt this’ a soft blanket to get asleep while catching a train of thoughts. [Andrea Ferraris] Share this: This entry was posted in Review by under the snow. Bookmark the […]

  5. […] positive, positively confusing review from Chain DLK re: Egg Chef 7″ on Apop […]

  6. […] “This interesting release (the first on vinyl issued by Hibernate, adding a more remarkable patina to its main theme, related to nostalgia, whose musical translations seem to attract and fascinate an increasing number of listeners) signed by Wil Bolton aka CHEjU and titled from a quote referred to the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice – “Under A Name That Hides Her” – echoing in Wil’s consciousness while reading “the Space of Literature” by Maurice Blanchot seems a sort of skinny dipping in the ocean of memories or I’d better say it’s a walking in unforgettable gardens if I consider the occasional field recordings with a specific spatial position (chirping birds or maybe call notes taken in the ruins of a medieval castle in Beaumaris, North Wales, seagulls and the lapping of waves around a lighthouse in Anglesey, noises grabbed during a rain shower from behind the window of his flat in Liverpool, other alluring natural sounds grabbed within a forest in Scottish Highlands as well as sounds taken from inside atrain during a journey in North Africa), a spontaneous mental dive which seems to have been conceived when Wil was looking for inspiration by many guitar-driven bands such as The velvet Underground, The Smiths, My Bloody Valentine and The Cure he used to listen when he was a young pup. Those musical references are just rhizomatic and even if they look like dropping from tubular bells, nylon guitar plucks, electronic celesta and harp-like tolls, they’ve been masterfully amalgamated by Wil in the exhalations coming from inside his magical sonic cauldron taking heed of the main features of mnemonic process with bright sounds which suddenly black out, broken harmonies, blind alleys and cones of shadow. After “Time Lapse” on Hibernate and many release for other labels (Cathedral Transmissions, Distant Noise, Time Released Sound, Rural Colours, Boltfish, Kahvi Collective and so on), Wil Bolton comes back on the stage with the umpteenth great and catchy ambient record.” – Chain DLK […]

  7. […] of an Accountant? In his review at Chain D.L.K. of Richard Barrett and Han-earl Park’s ‘Numbers’ (CS 201 cd), Vito Camarretta […]

  8. […] Magnificent. Chiasm (aka Emileigh Rohn) has really done it here with her new cd masterpiece, “… […]

  9. […] atmospheric and healing for your head ache. Just like amber supposedly does!” – Chain DLK Share this:Like this:LikeBe the first to like […]

  10. […] really dug FSG’s last long-player, Labour Division (which i reviewed over here), with its stripped-down, grinding repetition. A rusted trance, a primitive future… get down […]

  11. […] Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:LikeBe the first to like this. Tags: Carrier Records, Doom Jazz, Doom Metal, New York, The Gate, thrash jazz […]

  12. […] – originally published at Chain DLK. You can read the full review here. […]

  13. […] nice Album review from Chain D.L.K.: “I already had the chance to listen to the second Velvet Condom’s second album titled […]

  14. […] ‘This release is an enjoyable one and is truly recommanded to all fans of adventurous music’ chain d.l.k. […]

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  16. […] New review by Chain D.L.K. for the Asférico release “Sonidos del Subconsciente”. Check it here. […]

  17. […] Of Seagulls, Ultravox, Dalis Car or obscure cold wave bands, I suggest you to check Hunter Complex. original article dsite july 10 2010 Biografia articolata quella relativa all'olandese Lars Meijer alias HC: attivo […]

  18. […] we got struck by the transcendetal and somehow redemptive nuances and sound of his debut album  “Mouna“ (the title is a word which refers to a spiritual practice and derives from the Sanskrit word […]

  19. […] 4 out of 5. Door by Puin + Hoop got 4,5 out of 5 stars from Kwadratuur and an excellent review from Chain D.L.K.: ‘A remarkable release. Highly […]

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  21. […] (already welcomed and reviewed on Chain DLK) comes out with his second single “Pereval” on his own new label Konstruktiv and has […]

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  24. […] ‘Highway Hypnosis is a track with one of the best hook heard this year. (…) This album is really well written and glamorous.’ chain d.l.k. […]

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  26. […] ‘This EP sounds as the most logical release Autechre would do if they didn’t decide to change their sound.’ chain d.l.k. […]

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