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Dec 02 2007
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Artist: SNOG
Title: The Last Days Of Rome
Format: CD
Label: Hymen Records (@)
Distributor: ant-zen
Rated: *****
The Australian musician David Thrussel and his famous SNOG-project I surely don’t need to introduce any nearer. Active now since more than 15 years in the Electro/Industrial genre, he also can’t be musically sorted in to get a constant and remaining style description. On "The Last Days Of Rome" he offers some more or less subtle Electronica elements with a constant acoustic attitude through guitars and his still a bit strenuous sounding voice. Always and ever an eye-feast are Thrussel’s essays referring on politically and social-critically themes, which he of course likes to point out through his lyrics, too. The art deals with the influence of promotion banners regarding new cars and status symbols, while his essay "A Capital Day" describes and exaggerates the routine of our affluent society. Thanks to some quite different license deals he has given out, this version of this album, released by the Ant-Zen companion label Hymen Records at least offers several bonus tracks, so on this release you’ll get at least 20 tracks. Some have to be mentioned: "City" comes out calm and catchy, but with a melancholic mood. Also note, that it is "Christmas Everyday" for the freaks in the White House – what a fine track. It’s fun to follow Thrussel’s sarcasm richly spread through his lyrics, while it makes you think of on several things as well. You’re wrong with it, if you look for a new and modern sounding Electronica/IDM/Ambient-release, for which the Hymen is otherwise an excellent resource for. This one has to be seen as poetry - fine work, keep on the vision of a better world!

KIM CARSONS: Kim Carsons

 Posted by Maurizio Pustianaz (@)   Dark / Gothic / Wave / New Wave / Dark Wave / Industrial Gothic
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Nov 29 2007
Title: Kim Carsons
Format: MCD (Mini CD)
Distributor: HAURUCK! SPQR
Rated: *****
Limited to 222 copies Kim Carsons' self titled MCD contains four tracks in balance between Nick Cave, Spiritual Front and Clock DVA of the "Advantage" period. The first track, "Betty suicide" opens like Clock DVA's "Eternity In Paris" with Alessandro Manni's whispered and tortured vocals (he's the main one behind Kim Carsons) duetting with a trumpet. Just a minute and the track turns into an upbeat ballad dedicated to a suicide girl. Good opening songs with a nice atmosphere. The second track "1996", instead, is an acoustic one where guitar and piano are the main instruments. This one recalled me a little the Current 93 of the latest period on its first part but few moments and it turns into a dark ballad a la Spiritual Front with a certain cabaret attitude. "Summer snow" follows the same pattern of melancholic darkness and it is the one I appreciated less. "This is Kim" is the most "experimental" of the lot with its Texan sound and the recordings of William Burroughs reading his "The place of dead road". Good recordings and nice songs despite the tendency of turning each idea into a mid tempo ballad. Exclusively distributed by HAURUCK! SPQR...

ONE FOR JUDE: Re Generation

 Posted by Maurizio Pustianaz (@)   Dark / Gothic / Wave / New Wave / Dark Wave / Industrial Gothic
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Nov 27 2007
Artist: ONE FOR JUDE (@)
Title: Re Generation
Format: CD
Rated: *****

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Active since 1999 One For Jude are back after their 2004 E.P. "Helice" with a new album titled RE GENERATION. The new album presents ten new wave tracks which are in balance from electronic to acoustic arrangements with orchestrations and some particular instrumental moment. First of all, if you are looking for a perfect singer and for classic structured songs, I must say that the best thing is that you check some sound excerpts first. Instead, if you are a lover of goth/wave sound, you love French language, you like also particular arrangements (orchestrations with electronics and wave guitars and semi French folk atmospheres) and your main thing is to feel the band's involvement, RE GENERATION is an album that could interest you. The songs mix melancholy, coldness and despair with sincerity but sometimes the execution isn't perfect (it was hard to me to enjoy the singer).
Title: Press My Hungry Button
Format: 12"
Label: Vinyl On Demand (@)
Rated: *****
I already introduced to our readers Cultural Amnesia on my Anna Logue Records article and after about a month from that article I'm here again talking about them because there's a new reissue of their old material released by Vinyl On Demand. PRESS MY HUNGRY BUTTON is a double compilation album (their subscribers will receive also an E.P. titled "Still hungry") which after "Enormous savages" bring to the attention of the lovers of the early 80's experimental/wave sound thirty tracks (plus four on the E.P.) which are coming from the three tapes album the band did during the 1980÷1983 period ("Video Rideo", "Sinclair's Luck" and "The Uncle Of The Boot") plus unreleased tracks of the latter period which where intended for their first album "Obscenity" which have never been released. First of all a warning for those of you who want to approach this kind of releases: on this record you won't find a homogeneous track list as well polished sounds. Instead you'll be able to feel three English kids' urge of creating something new and liberating. I remember you that after the hippie movement and after the '77 movement (social and musical), 80's were the Margaret Thatcher years. Years of cultural repression which saw a certain musical grew only during their first half. Cultural Amnesia as well as early Coil, Portion Control, Nocturnal Emissions, etc. absorbed the creative rebellion of early industrial music (T.G.) and if the three bands I mentioned extended their interest on the industrial side, Cultural Amnesia mixed it with the post punk sound/attitude. Any musical instrument was usable someway, no matter if it was a guitar, a synth or a drum machine. Cultural Amnesia embraced totally this kind of spirit and on PRESS MY HUNGRY BUTTON you can find early electronic experimentalism, post punk rawness as well as two covers (a delirious lecture of "Satisfaction" and a short electro/post punk version of Human League's "Being boiled"). Few songs of the previous collection released by Anna Logue are here with a different version and maybe only "Scars for e (alternate take 1)" and "Sacrebleu (original version)" (you find them on the extra E.P.) are the same. I'd like to remember to you that Cultural Amnesia are active again. I checked their new material on their website and I liked the new sound which keep alive the old spirit but updates it with the use of new technology.

Colloquio: Si Muove E Ride

 Posted by Andrea Vercesi (@)   Dark / Gothic / Wave / New Wave / Dark Wave / Industrial Gothic
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Nov 22 2007
Artist: Colloquio (@)
Title: Si Muove E Ride
Format: CD
Label: Eibon Records (@)
Rated: *****
"Si muove e ride" is the new album on Eibon records by Colloquio - the musical alter ego of singer Gianni Pedretti - with 2 guest musicians from Act Noir, Sergio Calzoni at guitars and Stefano Nieri with a great sound design. Gianni Pedretti gained a cult status in Italy with his first
works and his collaboration with Canaan with whom he plays in the project called Neronoia. The album's 10 tracks are soaked in a pitch-black atmosphere with some introspective lyrics in Italian language dealing mostly with the author's ghosts and unsolved problems. Musically I found some similarities with Andy Wilder's Recoil - they share the same new wave background, they deal with introspective music with a slightly experimental edge (the term post-wave sucks but it isn't wrong in this case). Another good record from Eibon.

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