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Mar 08 2005
Artist: Von Magnet (@)
Title: De L'Aimant
Format: CD
Label: Fairplay
Distributor: Orkhestra International
Rated: *****
You may probably think of Von Magnet as a sort of super-group, where great music originates from the joint efforts of the leader Phil Von (electronics, vocals, lyrics) together with Flore Magnet (vocals, lyrics), Mimetic (electronics, percussions), the collaboration of flamenco guitarrist Sabine Van Den Oever and the additional production of sound designer Norscq (Colder, Atlas Project). Even though this album is less exciting to me than some other things I love more, it deserves five stars for its originality and beauty. Phil Von has always been a precursor, a piioneer, a researcher, and all his love for experimenting with multi-cultural sonics show through his work in "De L'Aimant", an album that he describes, sings and promotes as "electro-flamenco". For once, the description is more than appropriate and not nearly exxagerated or showing off. You get the characteristically Spanish sounding flamenco guitars, the beautiful cajon percussions and other percussive patterns, the andalusian singing and all the warmth, melancholy, sweetness and intense passion that come with them All of this is matched to electronic textures and programming, lots of samples (italian voices, english voices, arab instruments and more), beats and layers of inspiring digital sound. While still re-inventing himself after 20 years of great music (remember 1987's "El Sexo Surrealista"), the Von Magnet music collective will provide you with awesome, passionate, inspiring, poetic and truly borderless music. Highly recommended!


 Posted by Marc Tater (@)   Electronics / EBM / Electronica
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Mar 08 2005
Title: Oscillations
Format: CD
Label: Cortex Records (@)
Distributor: Metropolis Records
Rated: *****
A new band on a new label but if you take a look on the names of the band members you get it that this is not an amateurish output of just one new dark Electro/Industrial band. Ladies and Gentlemen, here we have the legitimate follow-up project of the two French legends of this music genre, STIGMA (was signed to Daft and Ant-Zen) and AXONAL WARFARE (Celtic Circle Prod.). After hearing this whole album I cannot believe that this should really be a debut – but so it is and it left me breathless! I am pretty much impressed how much ideas and different influences this talented band is able to handle After the excellent Powernoise starter "First" I expected an album very close to that old STIGMA sound but then the directory changes into a globally dark Electro sound with some similarities to SKINNY PUPPY (a strong influence of these Canadian masters can be heard especially on "Final Vision" with some "Worlock"-like vocals under a heavy use of a vocoder...). The track "Sharpest Tool" reminds me a bit on the latest angry INTERLACE output while tracks like "Our Judgement" and "We Two Are One" seem to be designed to feed that need to enter the dancefloors with some more genre-like sounds. To make the diversity of the tracks nearly perfect, both tracks "Surrender" and "Breaking Machines" feature some sampled guitar sounds. Also remarkable is the excellent vocal input of Laurent K. who doesn’t need a huge machinery to bring an excellent vocal performance. We have here a remarkable output full of diverse styles and very well worked-out sounds and ideas. Don’t hesitate to make your contact with the label and order this nice Electro/Industrial album! Great stuff here!

Dither: Amek

 Posted by Marc Urselli   Electronics / EBM / Electronica
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Mar 08 2005
Artist: Dither
Title: Amek
Format: CD
Label: M-Tronic (@)
Rated: *****
Dither's new album "Amek" picks up where their 2003 "Summit" left off in a contiguous and fluid way, just as the tracks in "Amek" are in relation to each other and the unity of the record. "Amek" is a blend of glitch electronics, idm, minimal electronics and other estraneous sporadic musical elements. If I must resort to comparisons, the same old names will be called into the game (Autechre, Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin, Gridlock, Richard Devine), but it's fair to say that Dither has been developing his own personal style (while on the side remixing Beefcake, Displacer, Norscq, Mlada Fronta, Mimetic, Flint Glass etc), and even though you might not be able to pick it out of a line-up, it is still worth its dedicated, lonely, relaxed and fully immersed hour of listening. The french scene has definitely a lot of interesting stuff to offer, and thanfully we have M-Tronic in Paris looking out for those artists and the people like us who wanna know about them!

VV.AA.: DElecTROnIcT v03

 Posted by Shaun Phelps (@)   Electronics / EBM / Electronica
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Mar 08 2005
Artist: VV.AA.
Title: DElecTROnIcT v03
Format: CD
Label: Detroit Electronica Coalition (@)
Rated: *****
DElecTROnIcT V03 is a compilation of homegrown bands from Detroit’s electro scene. The sound and style is broad, covering genres from darkwave to noise, and everything in-between. While I enjoy a few of these band’s offerings, as a whole this compilation was a chore to listen to. A few of these songs have caught in my mind, but they are catchy more through repeated listening than by pleasure or enjoyment.

I really hate to sound harsh, because a lot of these bands do have potential to go somewhere, but even the best bands on this compilation are diamonds in the rough. With that said, I like the concept of the band Toybreaker. Their contribution, "Path of logical," is composed of layers of broken toys (as their name implies) distorted and warped into a solid and enjoyable powernoise sound. CEOXiME’s "Dirty and useless," remixed by Silvercord, proved itself infectious with its dark, jazzy, downbeat sound. Also, Mutual hate society caught my attention with their track, "Blueberry tart." This track has a fun, catchy sound and attitude, with fragile Switchblade Symphonesque vocals. I found myself skipping to these three tracks more often than not. These bands are good indications that Detroit does have something to offer. I look forward to hearing more from them, and will be going out of my way to do so.

DElecTROnIcT V03 is not, overall, an enjoyable listen. There are some bands on this compilation with quite a bit of potential. However, I found myself bopping along to the sheer redundancy of most of the songs or, more often, just skipping to the next track. In my opinion, this compilation would do well in Detroit’s scene, sold at shows and given to locals/fans. To print and distribute this CD for sale on an international level might be a little too hopeful.

OBszon Geschopf: Son of Evil

 Posted by Patrick Smith   Electronics / EBM / Electronica
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Mar 07 2005
image not
Artist: OBszon Geschopf
Title: Son of Evil
Format: CDS (CD Single)
Label: BLC Production
Distributor: Metropolis
Rated: *****
Obszon Geschopf and their second album Son of Evil is another great addition to the Terror EBM and Industrial scene. This French outfit of Remzi Kelleci comes out with some really interesting beats that would be perfect in just about any electro goth club around. The music has a great sound and each song is different from one another and doesn't slow down at all. The only thing that I can find fault in with this group is I wish that the voxs were less distorted that way I can get a feeling about what the artist is trying to get across to his audience. Another fault but very minor is the one track that kinda just didn't go anywhere - Track 11. It was like an electro death metal nightmare. But, all in all, I think this album has really great feeling and mood with some really funny and interesting samples. Like most people that I have talked to about this album, their thoughts on it were it's very much like a harder and more darker version of Suicide Commando or maybe Dioxyde.

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