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Artist: VV.AA. (@)
Title: A Murderous Mix
Format: CD
Label: Music Ration Entertainment (@)
Distributor: CDBaby
Rated: *****
Anyone out there of the younger generation, who knows that AND CHRIST WEPT, KILL SWITCH...KLICK, NOISE BOX, NOXIOUS EMOTION or SMP aren’t names for new cultivated viruses in a secret laboratory? Well, all of these acts were founding members of a collective which was built up 12 years before in Seattle, the NEC. Like with many collectives, they also have built up to help and promote each other and to place a constant Industrial scene in Seattle or Vancouver, where at those days the Industrial scene was rather a candle in a wind influenced by Rock and Grunge music. These acts among others have done a pioneering work and one single person out of those days is still active. Jason Bazinet of SMP (Sound of Mass Production), and he stands behind this label, Music Ration Entertainment. Of course, this 18 tracks strong and filled compilation stands a lot under the influence of his own project SMP, with which he from time releases some CD’s. Lately official announced as a new signing of the suddenly quitting its business label Static Sky Records, but this collaboration therefor came unfortunately never to life. So Jason concentrates here on his own small label and he could unite some rather unknown acts besides SMP, which brought really back some remembrances of the past NEC days. This compilation offers a pleasing amount of diversity in the styles, it’s not always the same formula here to combine some electronic sounds with Rock/Metal guitars. SMP presents a music video of "This Perfect Day" to open this comp, 2 further tracks with the amazing "Tombstone" and the short Industrial-Rap (!!!) offering track "Three o’ Clock (Khopped and Skrewed)", plus a funny collaborative track with the highly underrated PENAL COLONY. Very electronic-minded arranged in vein of known bands like HATE DEPT. or CONTAGION are the both pieces of THE LOYAL OPPOSITION, while that Industrial-Rap gets some more slots with acts like ASCETIC and THE MARGINAL PROPHETS. Rather Punk-influenced are the more raging pieces of the female-vocals-leaded LUCID DEMENTIA or from the COP International-recording artists SLAVE UNIT, maybe the best known act here. Australia’s duo TANKT is on here, too, and provide with "Tribe Act I" a rather strange title taken from their last CD "Club Life", also this act has recently called its quit. A lot of stuff and different styles to discover here featuring the charm of some glorious US-Coldwave/Industrial tunes of already forgotten days. Rock on, Jason, a new SMP album called "Treatment" is already in the pipeline...

Track list:

00. SMP "A Perfect Day (MP4 video file)
01. SMP "Tombstone" 4:27
02. Ascetic "Soft Asylum" 4:07
03. The Loyal Opposition "Under the State" 4:32
04. Marginal Prophets "Do It Like That (Ill Media Mix) 4:02
05. Lucid Dementia "Controlled" 3:54
06. Penal Colony "Omega Man" Featuring SMP 4:42
07. Slave Unit "In Time" 3:06
08. Tankt "Tribe Act I" 4:19
09. A Murderous Interlude (Hymn of the 4th Beast) 0:45
10. The Loyal Opposition "Reality?" 5:23
11. Labwrk "Parasite" 3:12
12. Lucid Dementia "Queer" 4:54
13. Fatal Wisdom "Pandora's Box" 5:00
14. 64K "Numb" 3:47
15. SMP "Three O'Clock (Khopped and Skrewed) 2:08
16. The Punk Group "Toby Keith" 3:14
17. Dimension Zero "Nascentes Morimur" 4:11
18. A Murderous Epilogue (How Many Times?)

TYSKE LUDDER: "Bombt die morden?" + "Dalmanrock" + "Creutzfeld"

 Posted by Maurizio Pustianaz (@)   Electronics / EBM / Electronica
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Jan 17 2007
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Title: "Bombt die morden?" + "Dalmanrock" + "Creutzfeld"
Format: CD
Label: Black Rain (@)
Rated: *****
Tyske Ludder originally formed on early 90s in Germany. On those years the influence of the Berlin wall (it was destroyed on 1989) was still vivid and the band on their side decided to deal with themes such as the war in ex-Yougoslavia on their first album BOMBT DIE MORDER?, with human deficiency on their second DALMARNOCK and other social disgraces on their final E.P. CREUTZFELD. As many early industrial e.b.m. bands Tyske Ludder sound was granitic and based on rhythm. For them e.b.m. was really meaning body music: music that make you sweat and that is useful to manifest your anger. Listening to all this amount of tracks (50 in total) based on a "in your face" effect is difficult to understand if Tyske Ludder reissues were indispensable but if the first BOMBT DIE MORDER? Is based more on an industrial approach, with DALMARNOCK industrial influences leave the space for more electronics showing a new face for the band’s music. Also melody finds its place on the band’s sound and this is evident on tracks like "Freier fall" or "Stadium des zerfalls". On CREUTZFELD the sound changed slightly and the band did a sort of mix of the first two styles and added also a guitar on some tracks creating a new way of making e.b.m. At this point you start to understand that they weren’t only based on aggression without a cause and you appreciate more these new versions. This three disc reissue don’t contains uniquely the tracks of the original releases but contains also a whole bunch of remixes thanks to bands like Ctrl-Alt-Del, Vigilante, Plastic Noise Experience, Brain Leisure, CriadCrias, Asseptic Room, Vicious Alliance, Wertstahl, Xp8 and FabrikC just to name few. The remixes ideally built a sort of bridge from the origin of industrial e.b.m. and the modern way of creating pulsating noise. Is it only a coincidence if these records have been reissued on the same moment of the Nitzer Ebb compilation? I don’t think so...
Jan 11 2007
Title: Voodoo Nature
Format: CD EP
Label: Line Out Records (@)
Rated: *****
Including elements of glam rock and electronic pop, Bristol's Jetstream Lovers, have their first eight track EP out for Lineout Records. Their music is raw and passionate and it sounds like a Manic Street Preacher/Suede mixture with a little bit of new wave filtered through early Jesus And Mary Chain. They also covered Ace Of Base's "All that she wants" using distorted 8 bit samples for bass line. Sometimes their tunes sounds deranged thanks to their transversal approach but this make their music more interesting respect a usual indie band where everything sound smooth and overproduced. It is true that there's also a certain risk to make it sound too trashy but fortunately enough this is not the case. P.s. "Vietnam" is one of the tunes I preferred... Check it at their website.


 Posted by Marc Tater (@)   Electronics / EBM / Electronica
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Jan 10 2007
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Title: s/t
Format: CD
Label: self-released
Rated: *****
The still popular Hellektro virus brings out every month a new name to follow after and lately this phenomenon especially happens with newcomer acts hailing from the USA. The Florida-based CYANIDE REGIME is such an act which will be surely filed under this moniker which describes a straight and monotonous bass kick work, harsh EBM/Dark Electro arrangements, Trance-inspired synth play and near-to-unrecognizable distorted vocals. Consisting of Fernando Silva and Natalie Giampole, this duo offers here a 5-track demo (+ one hidden unlisted track...) of their work, which lately brought them an appearance on the current Interbreeding IX: Kuru compilation. They’ve also done several gigs in their area between Tampa, Ft. Lauderdale and Miami and could open some events with well-known names like RETRACTOR, COMBICHRIST or TERRORFAKT. So the last two years the band has worked hard to bring out a promising debut and they see themselves now ready to play eye to eye with some related bands out of the scene. This they can proof easily with their demo. Besides the above mentioned formula this duo surprises with a well worked out melodic synth play rather taken out of Dark Electro ("Imperio") instead of the trendy Trance-inspired tunes. They offer a constant good programming, at times above the normally presented line ("Prevail"), but I wouldn’t try to use the word catchy. What they still needed to improve is the recording quality of the male vocals provided by Fernando. This would make sure a better understanding of their lyrical content which features geopolitics, religion and current events of our daily life. I would also advise them for a coming CD production to give the stuff into some experienced hands behind the mixing console, simply to offer a decent end mastering. What they still need to find is their own unique signature of sound, but I’m sure that this talented duo will experience and reach their target. Especially in Florida there are currently out some promising acts playing this harsh kind of Dark Electro/EBM/Industrial which leaves room for collaborations and so a steady competition. Thumbs up for this first work, interested labels should give them a try.
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Artist: LOST AREA (@)
Title: Dare To Dream
Format: CD
Label: self-released
Rated: *****
Official debut album for this German/Swiss Electro-Goth quartet, which is self-produced, self-released and also self–funded. This fact I would like to point out in advance, I’ve seldom before received an own produced debut album, which features such an enormous professionalism into the press sheet, a printed and glossy info sheet with clear introduction of the band, its members, the music style and the audience they would like to reach with it. A strong effort which sets the existence of some labels in question. You wanna hear facts? Well, 1000 pressed copies is along the line, but DJ and club support through Hardbeat Propaganda is mostly only possible with the help of a solvent label, a full-color glossy booklet featuring lyrics and band photos is also not the cheapest thing on earth, furthermore there are some well-known scene acts doing some remix works for this newcomer, from which – I guess – only a half got done thanks to a good friendship. Thumbs up for the management – in person of band member Jan Bertram - professional work should pay off somehow. But what counts is the music – and so the matter of subject, on which I’ve got some things to nag at. It is obviously that the current scene lacks of new influences and ideas. Besides that still euphoric celebrated Hellektro-virus I’ve got the feeling that the success-promising formula to combine Synth-/Future-/Electro-Pop with a deep sea of Goth-like sadness and an 80-ties Pop/Wave-inspired portion of Romantic spreads out some new flowers. You know it, the BLUTENGEL syndrome – not very new and a unique style or what can be called an innovation, but at times with some remarkable bitter-sweet results. If LOST AREA like it or not – their intention to combine "Electro with Emotion" somehow throws this band stylistically into this bucket. The music itself plays along the expected lines, pseudo-aggressive or distorted sounds are left out to make sure a decent Electro-Pop imaginary. The problem hides moreover in the provided male/female vocals. While I’m quite impressed by the performance Daniela Dietz (ex-ILLUMINATE and so experienced...) is able to offer, ranging between smooth and emotional up to devotional and dramatic, I have some doubts on the quality of Jan Moser’s voice. A bit too theatrically and too obviously the try to hide some weaknesses, his voice often seems to fight instead of being a unit to his female partner. Compositionally good pieces like "Vengeance Of Nature" so go down the drain, I’m rather impressed by "Stolen Child" featuring Daniela’s solo voice. This CD features 7 original recordings and 8 remix works – as I’ve said including some big names like BLUTENGEL, CEPHALGY, ACCESSORY or UNHEILIG, but also some underrated acts like the Accession-Records-recording act SPEKTRALIZED and some up and coming talents like RE:\LEGION or EUROCIDE. All remix works depend on previously recorded tracks of the band, I guess taken out of their limited 2K5 release "Gabriel". So I don’t know the original compositions, but some good tunes I’ve discovered here. The CEPHALGY remix of "Penhesilea" features an addictive bass line, also both works of UNHEILIG and A FLOWER FOR TUESDAY on the track "Deconstruction" are worth to listen to. Strange-wise – or should I say obviously – these tracks offer again the sophisticated vocal performance of Daniela Dietz, "Deconstruction" alone features diversity thanks to the use of French lyrics. Well – it has to be proven, if LOST AREA are the next big thing for this genre – too many try so with a similar quality. But good promotional efforts and the continuation and belief in what they are doing here should pay off. I wish them the best.

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