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Artist: Mankind is Obsolete (@)
Title: Trapped Inside
Format: CD
Distributor: Mkio
Rated: *****

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Mankind is Obsolete is an amazing band hailing from Los Angeles. I discovered and seen recently live at The Nite Lite Cafe in Berwyn, Illinois. They put on an outstanding show and are playing all over the states and making history wherever they go. They are not signed yet but I can tell they will be in the nearer future. Trapped Inside is the name of the album and it is awesome all around. We open with track one " Awake " which is an upbeat track that is bouncy and alive. Nice guitar solo blending well wit melodic synths and Natashas sweet voice. Natashas sings, " The world whats asks for so much but leaves me worst than empty" " Is this all there is, theres nothing to see" makes us think about what mankind is really doing to exterminate this world. This track is sure to be a dance floor hit and a track to get the audience moving and groovin. She sings from the heart and soul with all members backing her singing their hearts out for a cry for help. Track two is " Picking at the Scab " which is a whimsical track that leaves us wanting more. Natasha sings, " So rip the bandage off to see what's underneath" " Picking at the scab to give me some relief." Real heavy lyrics at first then sweet sounding like a Tina Root in synth- phony then growling " but I still can't find relief " Hope, than no hope for this troubled soul singing her tragedies. Track three " Parasite " is another killer track on this album. A song that we can all relate to and share the same sentiment. Natasha sings, " The more I give the more you take, " " It's never enough, your feeding from me." With back up singing, " take it away." This track flows nicely and is hard driven and hard working on your psyche. It makes you think and feel her pain as we all feel pain from one that begged, borrowed and stealed our soul. I love this track and see it as another dance floor hit and a song to remember this band by. We proceed on to " Trapped Inside " and the title of the album is has almost punk beats and growls. It is a definate mosh-pit song and is designed for you to move your feet and go crazy to it. Natasha sings, " I'm trapped Inside " in repetition, letting you know the hell she is in. All and all the rest of the album proves to be angsty great fun and left me with a great impression and a thought that if Mankind if Obsolete, then we should all go down to our deaths with this band serenading our deaths. 4 stars ~ Michelle Russo
Artist: Espermachine
Title: Espermachine
Format: CD
Rated: *****

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Espermachine a trio of greatness hitting the ebm curcuit and taking the world by storm. This band has played such known places as Bar Sinister, Spellbound, The Church and the upcoming Masque and Veil Festival and all abroad. The music is a combination of darkwave and electro mixed with a catchy lines of methaphors and sassiness all wrapped up in one. This band is independent and not yet signed but need to be. I personally saw this band live recently at the Darkroom in Chicago and had to immediately review this cd for all it offered. This album was incredible and as we open and dissect it now you will see all it delivers to us. We open with track two " Dead Man Walking with hard crashing beats and James singing , " We are dead man walking, we are losing faith " then fades into synthbeats that carry the beat to dance obilivion. The we move and groove into track three, " These Crimes" which is a free flowing synthy pop dream that got me moving in my seat as I was writing this review. Jasper sings, " Everyday someones telling me what to believe " " Living life to it's final breath" Break beats carry the sounds and carry us into dark electro frenzy and take us away. Track five, " Shadows" stuck in my mind the most. This I believe will be a dance floor hit and will be played in all the clubs soon, if it hasn't already yet. The track is haunting and grows on up bit by bit. The more you listen to it the more it draws you near and dear to your heart. Jasper sounding like a dark deity coming out of the shadows tells the tale and tells it well of darkness. He sings, " The air is sick with karma" this line was the most inspiring me to me and moved me. Repeating, " Your Shadow " is chilling to the bone and seems like it's coming from under the floorboards. Lots of revervb and delay on this track and trancy and hypnotic like a drug. I saw this track perfomed live at the Darkroom in Chicago and it caused goosebumps up and down my spine, truely amazing! Another great song is track Eight, " Haunting You " which sounds a little like " My Beloved " and will be memorable in our minds. Jasper sings, " I search for you, I shadow you" " I'm guiding you, I'm haunted you." This track is haunting just like he is singing. It has great synthy bass lines and is loud and in your face but dark through all the light it shines. This track is proving itself to be perhaps another dance floor hit and possibly a reason to get this band signed. The last track nine " A Watery Grave " is a beautiful song that is mystical and moving. Jasper sings, " There is no where to go, we sit here in silence, Our bodies washed to the sea." Tales of death and isolation and dark tragedies. This album overall is a masterpiece and is showing us that poetry is not dead and long live the sos messages in the bottle, look within the bottle for the message for it is there and locked in sentiment in the vast deep ocean, do you dare to dive in ? 4 stars ~ Michelle Russo
Artist: PNDC (@)
Title: Fading Away
Format: CD
Label: Listen Loudest / Slusaj Najglasnije
Rated: *****
Released by the Croatian D.I.Y. label Listen Loudest, FADING AWAY is the first album by Pndc (a.k.a. Pendrag Nedic). Member of the Serbian electronic ambient band Erogenius, Pendrag started working at some songs of his own in mid 2007, then he published some instrumental tracks on his myspace page. After receiving a good feedback he decided it was worth developing them. He was lucky enough to find a guy called Thanos (a.k.a. Housework) who was interested into collaborating by singing and writing lyrics. The fact is that Thanos not only is from Greece but he also lives there and the duo did everything through the net. The final result is really good and the particular electro wave songs produced, sound fresh and introspective. Listening to the album a couple of times I thought I was listening to an hybrid version of Bowie/Nick Cave dealing with dissonant electro-wave songs. Pendrag song construction seems to be always in search of a particular solution (sometimes experimenting also, like on "Oh my God it's true") which could make sound the song more interesting. At this purpose you can find reversed guitars, flangered bass guitar, catchy sinth lines, etc. The really deep and convincing vocals provided by Thanos are doing the rest and all these things make of FADE AWAY a perfect CD for whose who are needing something new into the new wave scene. Check some songs at the myspace link provided and you'll fall in love with "Disco disco" or "Pick up your tears". Mind that on the CD there aren't fill ins!
Artist: VVAA
Title: Muzyka Voln
Format: CD
Label: Muzyka Voln (@)
Rated: *****
Muzyka Voln is the name of the Zhelezobeton sub-label and MUZYKA VOLN is also the title of their first compilation containing twelve bands/tracks coming from Russia which focus their sound on industrial/dark-ambient/drones music. First of all I must say that lately it is a bit difficult to find a dark-ambient project which is capable of creating a track which is able to catch your attention bringing you down through its world made of hypnotic and throbbing sounds. Also this compilation prove what I'm saying and if some projects composed their track using uniquely few humming sounds creating a dark atmosphere which grew little by little its intensity, some others tried to distinguish themselves adding a bit of melody, a treated guitar or some industrial sounds. The bands which convinced me most are: Kshatriy, Exit In Grey, Closing The Eternity, Nectropolis, Anthesteria feat. Kay?, Lunar^Abyss^Deus^Organum, Bardoseneticcube and Remoteband and eight out of twelve isn't that bad. Here you can check some sound excerpts and here's the track-list:
1. Kshatriy - Orgamis
2. Exit In Grey - Kosmorders
3. Closing The Eternity - Autumn Dream
4. Hum - Halo Magnetic
5. Necropolis - At the End of the Universe
6. Cisfinitum - Moon Room
7. Anthesteria feat. Kaj? - In Gedanken an Russisches Drone
8. Lunar^Abyss^Deus^Organum - :Crystalline:Earth:
9. Instant Movie Combinations - Boiler Pipe
10. Bardoseneticcube - The Castle in a Fog
11. Polaris - Prickle of the Emerald Moon
12. RemoteBand - Untitled
image not
Title: self-titled
Format: CD
Label: Rump (@)
Rated: *****
Hey this month I happen to review a bunch of really bizzare projects/releases, this time it's the turn of this band coming from Danmark. It's basically soft, childish music with something strange, they use a lot of percussive melodic elements as marimbas and glockenspiels but don't be too quick to judge after just a track thinking this' probably near to Pylon or some other freaky band, sure it's freaky but what about the second folk sketch sung with the help o a bunch of little kids?!...they keep alternating these tracks reminding me Animal Collective meets Un caddie renversé dans l'herbe teaming up to write a bunch of unconventional melodic freaky folk tunes. The cocktail of tracks is quite unusual and sometimes I've had an hard time trying to give a sense to all the elements but it's really well done and it's also explicit the fact the result is really close to what they probably had in mind. Freaky jams, melodic childish music mixed with psychedelic pop elements and a good production that puts together really well things that otherwise would be really far one from the other. If I could had the chance I'd put them and Miss Massive Snowflake on the same tour bus and promote them as the most unconventional mix of post-folk, Beck, melodic elements and a disturbed childish psychology.

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