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CHAOTIC ORDER #17: August 2004

 Posted by Maurizio Pustianaz (@)   Alternative Thinking, Counter-Culture, Dis-Info, Dark/Goth sub culture and more...
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Oct 06 2004
Magazine/Fanzine: CHAOTIC ORDER #17 (@)
Issue Date: August 2004
Format: Print (b/w)
Rated: *****
Bob Smith is the editor of Chaotic Order and sent me the latest issue of his magazine. Chaotic Order isn't striclty a music magazine as it covers alternative media and culture in general. In fact in this issue Bob and his collaborators offer us interviews conducted with fresh approach and in this way you're able to read something new about people like Siouxie Sioux which has been interviewed thousand of times over all the years of her activity. The menu brings us interviews with Porn director Mike John, serial killer specialist Sondra (she talks also about her books "Ture vampires" and "Killer fiction"), the fore mentioned Siouxie Sioux, neo folk band Naevus and Dan 138 from the musical project One Thirty Eight. There are also a couple of articles about Avant Garde movies and William Black's exploration in the mondo movies world. The last 13 pages are filled with books, CD and DVD reviews. Get your copy for £2.00 / 4 or 5$.


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