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Aug 08 2017
Artist: Ikonika
Title: Distractions
Format: CD & Vinyl
Label: Hyperdub
Taking sounds from synthwave, the attitude and groove of dubstep and grime, and a bright production quality that’s radio-friendly pop, “Distractions” treads its own distinctive path. It’s packed with unusual sharp-cut rhythms, echoey synth arpeggios, and long rolling bass notes, yet it manages to avoid the arrogant swagger that plagues some modern pop.

It’s mostly instrumental, but with a handful of vocal tracks that end up being highlights. “Noblest” features Andrea Galaxy and is just missing a strong chorus hook, otherwise Ikonika would have a pop hit on her hands. Jammz’s somewhat languid rap on “Sacrifice” has a good synergy with the track.

A few too many of the instrumentals sound like they are craving a vocal or a rap on top, as though the space has been left for that missing part to be applied. Tracks like “Manual Decapitation” and the potentially great “Lossy” don’t quite have enough going on otherwise to make them complete somehow. However there are a handful of others, such as the quirky, slightly 80’s-soundtrack titled “435”, that feel more well-rounded.

It’s a well polished and inventive set of tracks with a lot of polish, but “Distractions” maybe needed a couple more out-there ideas or guest vocalists on board to make it stand out.

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