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Artist: Daily Planet
Title: Play Rewind Repeat
Format: CD
Label: Progress Productions (@)
Distributor: Border Music
Rated: *****
2017 seems to be a perfect year for friends of Synthpop music generally just if you look on the latest releases of global players like Mode, Erasure, Alphaville, Pet Shop Boys or O.M.D. Although the Swedish duo of Daily Planet doesn't play obviously in the same league than the mentioined veterans, someone could come to the impression to get with "Play Rewind Repeat" one of the true pearls this late spring- / early summer-time has to offer. It's kind of a deja-vu and comparable to the release of their second album simply entitled "Two" in 2014 with which they broke their nearly 18 years longing time-out after their highly acclaimed debut "The Tide" released during the heydays of the long out-of-business Swedish Energy Records label.
Johan Baeckström and Jarmo Ollila surely have found lots of inspiration to return with this new album which features 12 tracks of finest and perfectly produced classic Synthpop music. Baeckströms programming skills surely follow the works of idols like Vince Clarke to his being in Depeche Mode, Yazoo, The Assembly until his successful early years with Andy Bell under the Erasure moniker. But don't think that you'll get a retro-/mid-80s oriented Pop-/Wave-album - the studio perfection of the current times don't allow any reminiscences of long gone days.
You know that phenomenon but it is an unwritten law that Scandinavians still offer the finest and catchiest tunes for this genre and so Jarmo Ollila does his best to provide the required human warmth with his nice timbre into the synthetic sound of his partner. Both are teaming up perfectly and offer usable stuff to the dancefloor-addicts with the faster tunes like "Grains of Sand", "Set Me Free" or "Vicious Circle".
Deeper impressed I am with their more mid-tempo based and richly-detailled arranged tracks like "Fire In Me" (this one must be their secret "Any Second Now"-dedication track...) "Drown" and the brillant balladesque "Weeping" to close this album sentimentaly.
If you have heard the to my opinion excellent new Erasure-album "World Be Gone" and if you miss on it a bit more nostalgia into arrangements and a bit more rhythm-/percussion-work then you should definitely check out this brillant produced album of Daily Planet. Classic Synth- / Electropop cannot be produced much better than on this one.

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