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Artist: Circa Tapes
Title: Love And Venom
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Medical Records
A richly textured concoction of dark synthwave, Adam Killing (of Kill Memory Clash)’s third solo album as “Circa Tapes” is a moody collection of slightly muddy-sounding, sinister-ish dark electropop that’s quite enjoyably indulgent. Sometimes Cabaret Voltaire-style vocals float over the pop of slowly evolving layers of synthetic loops, light drums and moody pads.

There’s no problem locking into some solid synth grooves here, though the songwriting and structuring does sometimes feel a bit languid. Some pieces, like “SLS”, take the synth work in a more techno direction and leave you wondering what a reworking would sound like with thicker, more club-orientated drums and structures. “Carravo” sounds like it’s desperate to break into a slab of deep house.

A handful of interludes, such as “Alucarda” mixing imitation choral sounds with filmic soundbites, have an almost tongue-in-cheek feel to them.

The modern and brighter production touches, particularly on the bass elements, are what make this sound like a 2017 release rather than something truly backwards-facing. It still has a very introspective, almost shy tone, as though “nervous dark synthpop” ought to be the beginning of a new genre.

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