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Artist: 15 Degrees Below Zero (@)
Title: Our Urgency
Format: 3" MiniCD
Label: Inner Demons Records
Rated: *****
15 Degrees Below Zero is the work of Michael Addison Mersereau, Daniel Blomquist, and Mark Wilson (who also records under the name of Conure). This band grew out of the ashes of Imperial Floral Assault Unit, so this group has been performing together since 2000, and as 15DBZ since 2004. This shows in the finely crafted music that they have created on this disc. “Our Urgency” is a track of processed guitar and synth drone, which becomes more and more unstable over time. But this is not chaos; rather, it is the illusion of chaos, as they build a maelstrom of sound to a beautiful conclusion of noise, static, and feedback. In some ways it reminds me of Terry Riley’s minimalist work “In C,” where things shift ever so slightly to become something entirely different. “attempt_3” is a short track of noisy bass drone and peaceful synthesized bells/chimes. It’s like listening to a roughly running truck engine in front of your grandmother’s house on a windy day as her windchimes randomly hit the notes. “attempt_1” is longer, at 7 minutes, and sounds little like the previous “attempt.” There is a heavy, low end rumble that sounds like the earth’s tectonic plates have worked their way into the composition, with bits of metallic grinding. This then gives way to a much more sedate droning ambiance, as a keyboard plays out quarter notes over the endless drone. It’s like listening to someone play the piano in your dreams. Everything is foggy and you can barely remember it when you wake up, but you know that something happened there. This is well worth picking up. Hurry, because it is limited to only 42 copies.

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